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    Carving grapevine on a limestone cross

    It's just plain beautiful. I couldn't imagine the stress of getting the pieces assembled after getting it through the courtyard obstacle course. And a big sigh of relief after its all placed and the pieces fit perfectly. Government protection? I'm not sure the government will allow you to...
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    The heck with a delete key, as a jewelry engraver I want Steve Lindsay to come out with a tool that has a spell check feature.
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    Carving grapevine on a limestone cross

    I've been following your posts about the carving and I have a few questions. One is how you get the background so flat that there are no visible carving marks. The other is the grape leaves. The bottom lies below twisted stems but than it sits above a grapevine stalk. Is the leaf carved so its...
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    Any recommendations for turntable stand?

    I had that question myself. They are both good turnable stands. I decided on the Lindsay because of the price. And it was a good decision for me because there isn't any extras to pay for that I probably wouldn't need. It goes up and down with a lock. It turns round and round with a lock. I'm not...
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    My Latest Skulls

    Just wanted to include a photo of a 1901 coin to show how much work has been done reconfiguring the face to fit the skull. I really like this because it all looks very unified. And the hair is well done as also with finer cuts . Lots of improvement. Keep going. Allan
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    Announcement: It isn’t much but my first commissioned piece

    Dustin I've been engraving for over 40 years and I still practice from time to time, trying to improve the cuts and balance of the work. There's a difference between early practice work and work done for cash. Practice work and mistakes you can sluff off and intend to do better the next time...
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    I used to use one when I worked in a large jewelry store. When I was tired I used to rest my head on the headrest. The other guys around me knew I was taking a five minute semi-nap but all the managers saw was me deeply contemplating my work while thinking about the next cut. When I left working...
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    Drawing on curved work

    You want one of the wesco flexible rulers. I get them from Utrecht art supply, they're pretty cheap. I buy them by the dozen because they can be easily cut with scissors to any needed size. Allan
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    Chinese style

    That's a very nice piece of work. Would be better if you sanded off the surface of the metal to make the engraving easier to see. But its a nice piece of work and a good place to improve from. Hopefully you'll do a bit of work on having the surface of the cuts more uniform looking. I have...
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    Junair Air Compressor help

    I've had this problem with my silent air. I commented to someone who came over to pick up some work that I might need a new compressor since it was running a lot more frequently than it used to. He looked at my compressor, took a small bucket from the corner of the shop and a lot of paper...
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    Engraving of watch

    Very beautifully engraved. Lots of precision and patience. The over and under cuts look great. Allan
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    Help, please: Is this hand engraved?

    I remember seeing an antiques roadshow about a watch supposedly given to Wyatt Earp by some grateful citizens and was engraved with a matching inscription. The experts said because of the inscription it must have been given to Earp. But me watching this noticed the lettering was sharp and bright...
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    Critique Request Scroll and design

    ditto what John B says. Plus don't shade in the backgrounds. It makes it easier to see what's inside the border. John says using tracing paper to make corrections on the scroll. I used to do this but found a light box works the best. I've had a Huion for quite a few years but the price on...
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    new wildlife thread

    Actually the vultures are hanging around waiting to see if any of the deer are having trouble breathing.
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    Lettering etiquette

    Putting a name in all script caps sounds like a good idea, but it isn't. It makes the name hard to read. And "tuff as a buff" is fine. Allan