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    Lettering Sample Plate

    AO84 Well the flat tool in a lot of jewelry engraving has been mostly replaced by liner tools since they are easier to cut with. I still use a lot of flat tools mostly for cutting script letters and inside ring engraving. In the plates lettering examples you're right in that in creates the...
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    Lettering Sample Plate

    Sam My wife and I had a talk about what I should do when I actually retire. She said I should take up a hobby. I said it was a good idea, so how about I try hand engraving? I plan to retire from the store I deal with once my apprentice is sufficiently trained to take over. After that I plan...
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    Lettering Sample Plate

    This is a sample plate that was given to me when I helped an apprentice purchase used engraving supplies. The guy who sold the supplies had a father who engraved jewelry. It was given to the father, passed down to the son and he gave it to me because he had no one to leave it too. . I tried a...
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    Emu egg

    I really like this. The lettering has an antique style of layout which looks great. The name does not get lost in the scrolls. The scrolls give the inscription a kind of unity where it ties everything together. And the sculpted emu is also above since instead of being a profile where the...
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    best way to sharpen beginner

    ALK123 The size blank you ordered from GRS is fine to start with. I buy blanks and if I need a thinner one for a certain job I just grind the sides down to what I need. The process of sharpening works on any width of square stock. I even have a few square gravers that look like sewing needles...
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    best way to sharpen beginner

    AJB Using the cheaper gravers to get the sharpening down is a good idea. Being able to sharpen precisely with templates and fixtures is actually a new thing, maybe just thirty years old or so. But before that all tools were hand sharpened and yet still produced some pretty impressive work over...
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    best way to sharpen beginner

    AJB There are a lot of different square stock gravers available. But no matter what the recipe for the steel the main thing is sharpening it correctly. As a novice engraver it makes life a lot easier. If your expensive and cheap tools are sharpened correctly, use identical layouts to test...
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    best way to sharpen beginner

    AK123 Sam's video is great way to sharpen until you get a more accurate setup. Takes practice but in a little while you should get the hang of it. Take a closer look at the length of sharpened sides. It may seem really short, but if its what he goes for you should too. Plus at the beginning of...
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    the Hand Engraving Podcast, Episode 3 Weldon Lister: a Family Tradition. Is on the air!

    First it was a really interesting podcast. It was enjoyable listening to Weldon Lister, so many things to talk about in his life. Such an interesting father and the work he does is amazing. Then thinking he was a full time engraver he says he retired from being a professional firefighter really...
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    engraving a VIN# ?

    Monk, that actually sounds like a great idea. I remember a while back when congress, when it actually was a legislative body, had a bill that each part of a vehicle would have the vin numbers on them. The auto manufacturers lobbied hard to kill the bill because it would add almost 50 dollars to...
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    engraving a VIN# ?

    VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. I'm sure its probably standard with vehicle manufactures world wide but I know that here in North America its the identifying marker used to tell identical looking vehicles apart from each other. Its also the basis of services here in North America...
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    the Hand Engraving Podcast is on the air!

    Just finished listening to your podcast and it was wonderful. How often will you be broadcasting? Allan
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    Help, please: Help! New Hermes ITF-k pantograph

    What kind of work do you plan on using it for ? Allan
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    opinions please

    I would cut the smallest element in the piece. One pointed petal at a time. The reasoning is that cutting all circles you would be constantly cutting one line after another and some of the cross over cuts may not be as deep as the other giving it a non uniform look. Oniemarc is right in that the...
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    another layout option

    I think you mean dykem white.