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    NASA Psyche Inspired Artwork

    Love it Monica..... Nice to see a different subject matter. Dave
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    Announcement: Diffused LED ring light - New release.

    Hello Leonardo, Could please supply information for purchasing your light. Thank you! Dave F.
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    LED light ring with adjustable polarizer ring

    Where can one purchase such a filter? Dave
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    Practice Plate

    Thank you Monica...... This was my first attempt at a portrait. I do like how Lincoln's hair and beard came out. Dave P.S. Used to live in L.A. See you on the 405.
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    Critique Request Some letters drawn

    I think your lettering is really good! Dave
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    Practice Plate

    Great... Thank you for sharing..... Dave
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    Practice Plate

    Thank you.... I appreciate your comments. Dave
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    Lone Star Money Clip Rendering

    That is a gorgeous design...... Please post finished product. Dave
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    Question: Magnification

    Engraving Friends..... I am referring to “Magnification Glasses”..... Like what dentist or surgeon uses. Do any of you Engravers use such devices? Your replies and opinions are appreciated. Dave
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    Question: Magnification

    Do hand engravers ever use magnifying glasses like used by technicians or others doing delicate close-up work? Thank you! Dave
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    Help identifying a ball vice.

    Lucierose, If you ever pass through Bellingham, Washington please visit. Dave F. 877-255-0193
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    "Old English" Font

    Plate is 3 1/2" x 5". Thank you, Dave
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    "Old English" Font

    Practice plate for review...... Sorry, difficult to photo. Thank you for your comments, Dave
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    Practice Plate

    Dear Goldjockey, Thank you for your kind and supportive comments. Upon completion and oxidation I realized the cutting and shading of Lincoln’s top coat is too heavy and shading needs refinement..... All part of the “learning curve” and more practice. I also am a silversmith, specializing...
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    Practice Plate

    Thank you very much John B. I agree the cutting and shading of coat needs refinement and improvement. Dave F.