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    Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.
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    those that can't

    Always, our great men and women of the military and first responders should be thought of daily for all they do and for all the sacrifices they make.
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    Announcement: All Pledge Membership auto-renew subscriptions cancelled

    Howdy Sam, I believe mine is up in December, I will continue to support the site, and send money through PayPal at the end of the year, if I have the date wrong please PM me so I can get the correct time frame Enjoying your newest video just have to fine some time to practice it. Thank you...
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    Question: Any way to know who engraved this ?

    Thank you all for the input, I will use it as a study piece as mentioned. Take care stay healthy , and buy buy buy toilet paper lol
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    Question: Any way to know who engraved this ?

    Hello everyone , I bought this at an estate sale for a couple of dollars to use as a reference piece. I can not see any markings showing the type of gun it is from, or any markings that would help with identifying the engraver. Anyone recognize the style, it would be interesting to know who...
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    Announcement: New instructional video on The Art of Flare Cutting

    Just ordered it Sam, Happy Easter to you all, stay healthy.
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    Announcement: New instructional video on The Art of Flare Cutting

    Looks like another addition to the one I have Sam
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    Announcement: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

    Sam responds to your emails... example I mistakenly got billed twice for my renewal,, I emailed Sam, told him what happend, was corrected. No sleep was lost , No stress occurred...and the sun shined again..
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    Announcement: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

    Sam, sometimes you can say it over and over , ( Just email me ) and people steal dont get it! Thank you again from all of us that appreciate the forum and will continue to SUPPORT it. The knowledge, the friendships and more that is gained from it is wonderful.... Take care.........
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    Gunstock "Russian hunt"

    Beautiful as always , thank you for sharing your work
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    Engraving Class / Teacher Recommendations

    Hello Brennon, there are several fantastic teachers out there, teaching all aspects of engraving. And of course this forum and the Lindsay forum will provide a wealth of information with so many great people willing to help one another. When I started out a couple of years ago I took my...
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    Welcome 2020 !

    Happy New Year, and as John mentioned above thank you for this wonderful engraving forum Sam and Abigail and all of those that support and participate on the forum. What an incrediable amount of information that can be gained from the Cafe.
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    A simple knife with snake scales

    Very nice looking, as is all of your work
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, enjoy the day.
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    Reviews of I Pad Pro 3rd generation 12.9 protective cases

    Thank you Sam, I will check it out, appreciate all the suggestions

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