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    Need help (inkjet)

    I just purchased a HP Deskjet 2752 at Walmart ($40.00) and prints out super clear dark and crisp black images on to the film,
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    Critique Request First Revolver Attempt

    Thank you sir, and I certainly agree with you , and I like your suggestions, that looks better
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    Critique Request First Revolver Attempt

    I do not have the gun any more Monk. Thank you for the suggestions, there is so much more I see that needs corrected. It’s certainly a continuous learning process
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    Critique Request First Revolver Attempt

    Thank you and Nope it is not, harder steel , angles, etc. but it was time to venture out, reading an article now that Adam wrote on taking photos.
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    Critique Request First Revolver Attempt

    I have a friend that had a Taurus 22mag that he told me to practice on and do what ever I wanted. Here are a couple of photos of what I did. I see many many things I would do different, and there are probably more that I don’t see. Overall though I am pleased with the way it came out and he was...
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    Engraver issue 128

    Still waiting for mine
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    Question: Critique, and Suggestions Please

    Thank you Mattymo
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    Question: Critique, and Suggestions Please

    Thank you Brant, every cut I make I try to go over it and over it and see where I can make improvements.
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    Question: Critique, and Suggestions Please

    Just finished a little scroll design on this Corby knife guard. Tried to get a decent photo but I am most certainly not a photographer. Any suggestions would be helpful, and I have a hard time deciding how deep to cut... Thank you all
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    Merry Christmas to everyone, be safe, be happy
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    New Look

    Sam the new look is very nice looking.
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    Corel Draw

    Howdy Mitch, it’s been awhile , hope you are well, I have been using Corel version 11 for years, it will do what you are looking for . If you want I can send a copy to you , pm me . Take care
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    Coming soon...sculpting video

    Sam, add me to the list, add it to my collection of your videos, also put me down for the not so distant video on inlay. How’s that for a plug and a motivation push . Lol
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    The Secret Meeting of Bulgarian Engravers 2020

    Looks like you all had a great time, and Brant is correct , looks like the Engrave In at Scott’s every year. Great to have these kind of get together s
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    Engrave In September 25-27

    We had a nice mini Engrave In this past weekend at Scott's, little less than 20 but still a great time to see old friends , meet new ones and learn more tips and tricks and methods on engraving. Weather was great and our esteemed host was at his finest. Here he is cutting the Engrave In cake...

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