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    Looking for engraver for medieval breastplate

    My first thought was tooled leather applique, dyed or painted to match, and applied with a durable adhesive over the metal breast plate. As the appliqués are purely decorative, it seems there would be a number of ways to achieve the effect. Tooled leather over metal seems to be a natural and...
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    A bit of history I found on the German gun makers:
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    Help, please: Engraving a signature on a stainless steel pen cap

    "I actually like the look of diamond cut engraving on steel." The "V" shaped bright cut created by Diamond drag, is also created (even more beautifully) with a polished graver typically used by hand engravers. If that's the look you're after, hand engraving is the way to go, and can deliver it...
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    Help, please: Engraving a signature on a stainless steel pen cap

    To me it seems you're simply creating obstacles for your project that need not exist. Any truly competent hand engraver can take the image of the signature, transfer it to the workpiece, and reproduce it exactly, without adding or subtracting anything from the signature. Technically speaking...
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    Critique Request Scroll idea

    Looks good overall, with the exception of numerous point errors where elements partially bifurcate. Simply put, these bifurcations, absolutely following the flow of the scroll backkbone, should point directly to the center of the element origin within the scroll. In the case of the scroll you...
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    Lighting on Microscopes

    You'll love it!
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    Lighting on Microscopes

    I have a light made by Leonardo Di Benedetto in Argentina. It's an expensive, but truly excellent light. I've actually taken it apart, and Leonardo uses an ingenious diffusion strategy which creates a bright clear diffused light similar to sunlight on a bright cloudy day. No shadows, no bright...
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    Engraving on triangular wire

    Dave's suggestion is a good one. Personally, I'd try a triangle wire bench block to secure the wire, since the block itself can be placed in an engraving (or other) vise. Some hot glue to temporarily secure the wire in the bench block seems like it would be a good plan...
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    Laser "engraved" Beretta

    Thanks John. Still dialing it in. The amount of time for laser specific design and set up is literally mind numbing. When I invested in a fiber laser, I anticipated a fairly smooth learning curve, and relatively easy adoption of the technology. Believe me when I tell you, the learning curve is...
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    Laser "engraved" Beretta

    Not a premium gun, but a recent example of laser engraving work from the Texas studio.
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    Critique Request A rough design for a lion pendant

    Add a probe going into his nose, and he does currently look a bit like he's getting a Covid swab at the doctor's office. I'd angle the head a bit forward for a more aggressive posture, give a bit more aggressive aspect to the eyes (which currently look a little surprised) and add just a bit...
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    Thank you for encouraging a young man with a dream

    Most likely due to the labor required to produce it by hand. Generally speaking, sites like Etsy which resell 'estate' merchandise as commodities, seem to focus strictly upon a formula involving acquisition cost at estate sale acquisition prices, multiplied by whatever factor the merchant has...
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    Critique Request Some doodles to show

    Pretty sweet although very subtle! If you can pull the clouds off in an actual engraving It'll be something to behold. One suggestion, with the smooth surfaces on the hills, moon, and outline engraving, some additional irregular detail (natural outlines) in the hills would add visual interest...
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    Latest knife learning inlay

    Wow! Looks great!!!
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    Upright Script

    Please let me know if we can compare notes, and trade training at any point. My skills are really quite humble, but I would nonetheless welcome an opportunity to learn from you, and share knowledge and techniques. Warm regards, Michael

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