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    Garage News: English scroll and paint

    Lee; That is lovely English scroll executed in a most excellent manner worthy of the praise of any . I hope that Marcus Hunt sees it so that he can also comment on your beautiful work. The bouquet of flowers is truly a work of floral art and sets the visual impact for the entire coverage...
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    LED light ring with adjustable polarizer ring

    Tira; Thanks. Do you also use a diffuser with your light ring while using the polarizer?
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    LED light ring with adjustable polarizer ring

    There has been some discussions here about light rings for microscopes, which put to my mind to ask you a question. Do any of you use an adjustable polarizer ring with your LED light rings and if you do what is your experience?
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    just one opinion

    Jesus; This article will interest you:
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    Japanese Inlay Technique.

    More on this and very complex:
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    Japanese Inlay Technique.

    Dan; Thank you for the link( above. "The Hammering to tighten" (Step no. 8) from the "General Production Process" instructions explains away what I did not understand from the video: that further hammering tightens/fixes the gold into the incisions to secure it firmly. This...
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    Japanese Inlay Technique.

    Dan; I am pleased that you responded as you can answer my question of the durability (really the staying in place of the gold) of the inlay in this method. What I could not see in the video was how was undercutting of the incisions done to hold the inlay into place when the gold was hammered...
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    Japanese Inlay Technique.

    I viewed this video some time in the past. The final product was very lovely, but the durability of an inlay using this method did not impress me as being something that would withstand much use such as on a firearm. This being said, Japanese metal workers are masters of metal crafting (and I...
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    Silversmiths of Dublin 1980

    Here is a video of subject craftsmen that is of interest to us all.
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    Pulse Graver

    For a couple of years now, I have thought that a small hand piece graver could be built using the latest technology of rare earth magnets. Does this "pulse graver" use rare earth magnets?
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    Pulse Graver

    One thing I have wondered about, is how much temp gain is there on the handpiece while in use.
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    Did you clean the surface with lacquer thinner before you painted it?
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    Meek squirrel watch.

    What wonderful work and style. Just the thing for November. What is the material of the dial?
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    Wow, SamW; That is beautiful Germanic style engraving; what a wonderful talent you have. Steve
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    Announcement: English scroll for your help...^^

    I thought that there was something wrong with my computer software, but now I know that others cannot see the photos as well. I thought maybe the photos and "write up" had been pulled over to the Archives section, and that was the reason that I can not see it on this post. However, I cannot...