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    Meek squirrel watch.

    What wonderful work and style. Just the thing for November. What is the material of the dial?
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    Wow, SamW; That is beautiful Germanic style engraving; what a wonderful talent you have. Steve
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    Announcement: English scroll for your help...^^

    I thought that there was something wrong with my computer software, but now I know that others cannot see the photos as well. I thought maybe the photos and "write up" had been pulled over to the Archives section, and that was the reason that I can not see it on this post. However, I cannot...
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    Ken Hunt engraved (1964) H&H double rifle for sale

    Rare chance to see a superb double rifle that Ken engraved early in his career for a famous American hunter in 1964. This rifle is for sale at WR's USA shop in Florida, so maybe some of us can drive down to see it. View it at this websit and be sure to read the writing about it completely...
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    Honest Question

    It appears that this trio of Purdey firearms were unsold. This is not a good sign of the future of the market.
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    Honest Question

    It is no secret among the high dollar gun trade that the demand for firearms has decreased significantly in the last decade, largely driven by the aging of the portion of the populace who have the means to purchase these firearms. Subsequently, the value of such firearms already in the...
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    Honest Question

    You have been provided good sound advice from Mitch.
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    Building your own vise?

    They are still made in Italy for one country and I suspect they are made in France also. In this style of vice the jaws are forged and therefore the skill of the maker matters a great deal. I suspect that they are still made in Poland and the Czech republic as well. I had an Italian gunsmiths...
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    Building your own vise?

    A conversation of 100 years ago at the Gunmakers Arms public house in Price Street Birmingham, England from 27 August 1919 has been picked up from far in outer space by a new space listening technology invented by the Japanese companies Sony and Mitsubishi.----note: we all know that the English...
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    .410 shotgun small scroll perfection

    I do not believe I have ever seen fine scroll done better. Which of WR engravers did it?????
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    Engraved Rolex Sea Dweller

    Lovely work, David.
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    My first engraved watch dial))

    Beautiful gift for your Dad.
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    Engraver Bill Gamradt article

    Received my July-August 2019 "SHOOTING SPORTSMAN" issue yesterday and in it there is a well written article about Bill Gamradt's work as an engraver. The article was written by Richard Grozik who is well known author in the wingshooting writers world and in the article Grozik describes how...
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    Steel plates practice

    I recall reading this lady's comments on learning to engrave at Holland shop in London. After she would fill up the top of the steel block with her engraving practice forms she would take it down to the machine shop and have the engraving taken away on the surface grinder. It make since as...
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    Hand Engraved Knives and Coins by Alexsey Saburov

    Stunning engraving work; and the knife maker is no slouch either--right up there with the best I have seen with his damascus pattern welded blades.