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    engraving Damascus pattern

    Thank you very much for the photo of the hammer shotgun with the faux damascus pattern etched into it. It was in the early 1960's when I first heard someone say that there had been made in the past false damascus pattern shotgun barrels but up until this week I had never seen a photo of one...
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    Higgins 12 Gauge

    Roger; Without a doubt you are right. JMiller; Beautiful work.
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    This week’s student

    Sam; I am very pleased. Thank you for telling us about her. Steve
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    This week’s student

    Sam; In regard to Valentina's education of old world engraving methods of standing and using a hammer and chisel( I assume), did she have an opinion of whether she would have preferred to learn engraving using a microscope, sitting and engraving with a pneumatic hand piece? Steve
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    Getting hand control on power graver

    Here is what Steve Lindsay just had to say a week or so ago about the foot control versus the palm control version of his equipment. "The PalmControl is easier for beginners to get the hang of, but once you are good with the pedal it is six of one and half dozen of the other. If spending...
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    Centering work on turntable with a Laser beam

    For all of you who have contacted me via my email address or through a PM, if you did not receive the instructions and photos via a email from me then please re-contact me. Kindest Regards; Stephen Howell
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    Centering work on turntable with a Laser beam

    Mike; The instructions on how I built my laser are a couple of pages long and I have some photos as well that I will send you. I also indicate in the instructions that it may be easier to use the Lynton McKenzie style mechanical swing away pointer that he built and used to mount a laser upon...
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    Centering work on turntable with a Laser beam

    I do not know if anyone desires to know how to mount a laser to use to center your work. I have been using it for about a decade and if there is any interest I can describe how to do it. Steve Howell
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    Question: Tom White's Transfer Magic White Base solution

    I have used Tom White's Transfer Magic for several years. I use it with a HP 309a ink jet printer and HP Premium transparencies. I have had good results with it and I am currently using it to engrave a university seal on the back of a stainless steel watch. Be sure to shake the bottle for a...
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    Couple just finished

    Lovely work on the buckles as well as the leather.
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    Muffling sound made by engraving hammer??

    I understand the issue of getting the hammer feel correct and the spring of the wood of the hammer as 40 years ago I had a blacksmith shop and the importance of the spring of the hammer handle (not too thick, but not too thin) was paramount if I was going to use a hammer all day long--not to...
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    Muffling sound made by engraving hammer??

    Silvermon; Thank you for explaining the rubber band for me. I saw in the video that the rubber band extended down below the hammer head onto the top of the handle, and wondered why if the rubber band was there for muffling why it was so loosely situated. Steve
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    Muffling sound made by engraving hammer??

    In the below video (see link) of engravers using traditional hammer and chisels, the hammer heads have what appears to be a rubber band around them. Is this to muffle the sound of the hammer?
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    Junair Air Compressor help

    You should be aware that some air compressor tank drains are left-handed threaded and you loosen them by turning clockwise.