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    Unique Interspecies Relationships

    Ken, thanks for sharing those pictures of the owl and the dog,the lady takes some great photos. J.J.
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    Elk scene

    Marty,Well done,keep up the good work.Did you ever get to Elk hunting? J.J.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Fred,I saw that about Richard III my wife and I watch the BBC channel every night. J.J.
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    Good anatomy,the artist has the hair of grizzly flowing in the right direction,thanks for sharing Mitch. J.J.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends on the Cafe, my wife cooked up a great turkey with stuffing pecan pie & ice cream I'm ready to take a nap. J.J.
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    New to the Cafe

    I had a microscope and found it hard to engrave using it and use an optivisor also stand while engraving. J.J.
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    Question: Beginner instruction

    Mike,Ray Cover School of Fine Art Engraving Mineral Point Mo. 314-808-2508. J.J.
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    Gunstock "Russian hunt"

    Evgeni,Do you engrave guns?,love what you do with the stock carving,keep up the good work. J.J.
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    Bulino the Italian word for burin hand graver under glossary on Lindsay forum & Modern Firearms Engraving by Mario Abbiatico. J.J.
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    Did you use power or hand push. J.J.
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    Engraving bronze

    speeedy6, You shouldn't have any problems. J.J.
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    Polishing after engraving

    Thanks Sam I've been using Simichrome polish but see if I find the other polish. J.J.
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    Polishing after engraving

    Sam,Where can you buy Never-Seeze? J.J.
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    Can anyone tell me about John Warren?

    Roger,I called my friend and he had not heard back from William Gaylord,I see if I can get pictures of the gun for you. J.J.
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    Can anyone tell me about John Warren?

    I have a friend here in Centerville Virginia who has a Marlin engraved by John E. Warren with gold inlays. J.J.

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