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    The Secret Meeting of Bulgarian Engravers 2021

    Evgeni, Looks like a good time had by all keep having fun with your class thanks for sharing. J.J.
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    Tony, The only part that needs to be annealed on SAA Colt is the loading gate. J.J.
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    Question: What 1911 to use as a canvas?

    tdelewis, Yes the regular power Lysol toilet bowl cleaner is what I use for stripping bluing and French Gray finish. J.J.
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    Question: What 1911 to use as a canvas?

    Allen, I use the Lysol cleaner for stripping the bluing only never had a gun with Parkerizing to strip it may work I don't know also use Lysol for the French Gray finish hope that of help for you. J.J.
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    Hammer and Chisel Bench

    Flint, The pedestal I made with four two by six's 40"" filed with bricks with a LeTourmeau 45 lb. engraving vise mounted on it and no problem with vibration you can walk around and cut scrolls with out stopping just one pass and I find standing over the the work I get nice round back bone with...
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    Question: What 1911 to use as a canvas?

    Allen, For stripping I start with Power Lysol toilet bowl cleaner then hand polish with wet & dry automotive paper if pitting flies and fine stones are used all the polishing is done by hand no buffing you don't want to dish out any pin or screw holes or round off any sharp edges that the way I...
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    Cleaning old Engraving

    Ballistol and a tooth brush works for me. J.J.
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    Hammer and Chisel Bench

    Leland, I meet Neil Hartliep at an NRA show in Philly he used a kick wheel vise he let me give it a try with H&C I did not do well rather work at my pedestal vise glad it works for you. J.J.
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    A Bit More Two-Step

    Keep up the good work Sam. J.J.
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    The Artwork of JJ Roberts.

    Painting is a nice brake from engraving I like painting sporting dogs looking at the paintings of an English women dog painter Maud Earl who was taught by her father she got me interesting in painting dogs. J.J.
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    Announcement: Excellent Instruction

    Thanks Hattie and Grayson for your kind words about the engraving class's. J.J.
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    The Artwork of JJ Roberts.

    Thanks for all of the compliments. Here's a few more pieces.
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    The Artwork of J.J.Roberts.

    Here's some paintings that I've done over the last 40 years.
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    FEGA Engraver Magazine Photos

    Andrew, I sent you some photos this morning let me know if theres any problems. J.J.
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    Golden Ratio

    Between the young lady and the professor they made me dizzy I could not believe how fire up and excited the young lady was over the Golden Ratio I get excited over fine art painting's ,etchings, engravings and drawing's. J.J.