1. D

    Help, please: Meiji Emz8-Tr to handycam camcorder

    I’ve searched long and far for proper instruction on combining a Sony handycam to the trinocular port of my Meiji Emz8tr. All of the videos and pictures I’ve seen of this set up involve some sort of adapter piece I’m having trouble finding. Can anyone supply valid links (and or photos) showing...
  2. Lunsford79

    Best Handycam macro setup that won't break the bank

    Hi there, looking to setup a camera to a monitor or computer on a Leica A60. I know I can purchase a Sony Handycam for about 200$ and a nice mount for the A60 for about 240$ with a few macro lenses. Is this the best set up? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Typically I shoot...
  3. S

    Question: Need Help selecting affordable Video camera for microscope

    Hi Guys, I'm setting up my engraving microscope. My thought is that I want to be able to engrave while watching the monitor or laptop screen to save my back and neck the strain of looking through the mic. So here is the set up I have so far, Bausch and Lomb Stereo Zoom 4, 0.4x – 3.0x power...
  4. S

    Help, please: cameras,

    I was reading a thread on new cameras, and am interested in the canon g 12. but no one posted any shots taken with one and I was wondering how it did for close up detail. I currently use an olympus camedia c-3000. At only 3.3 megapixelss it's a dinosaur in today's market, but it takes great...

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