1. W

    Critique Request First Zippo

    All finished up, this was a great learning experience and a huge step in my skills. I was supposed to finally take my first GRS class after years of trying unsuccessfully for years. I got into Sams zippo class but that was obviously canceled so I decided to go about it myself. Finally cracked...
  2. L

    screw cancer

    One of my dearest Friends moms just died from cancer and this was her gun I’m doing my best to make it solid for my buddy any suggestions/criticism/comment please do
  3. L

    Red tail hawk

    The bird is the word
  4. Matthew Evans

    Procreate critique request

    Thanks for taking a look! This will be darkened once I find the lines that I am looking for, but I am looking for some honest feedback into any corrections or what would really get this design going in the right direction. This will be engraved on a standard zippo (gravermeister, 901...
  5. JAT

    Critique Request some quick scroll work for critique, comments, and advice. Thanks

    Hello, the name's Josh. This was a quick scroll drawing that I should have spent more time on but that wasn't my intention. I did this as a quick sketch using elements I use in many of my engravings and to try some new things. Basically this shows my habits, good or bad, lol. I can spot...