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    Smith scrolls - revisited

    My computer had a very bad virus for the past week, so I wasn't able to post any of my ongoing drawings from R. Smith's "Advanced Drawing of Scrolls." So here are what I've been able to do thus far. Sorry for so many images!! This afternoon, Attila said that he'd give me a C+ for these. (I...
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    Copying Smith - #3

    Great help, suggestions and oberservations from you guys and gals really help me with this ongoing effort. Tnx! Here are the latest in my quest to become a 'Scroll Master.' CC welcomed!
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    I gotta big but...

    I was at the Scroll Meister's studio last evening for my thrice-a-week whipping. I have been assiduously working on my poor little scrolls, hoping to one day get some kind of nod or wink of approval from Ron. And I finally did!! I had three pages of scrolls I had done for homework awaiting...
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    Those darned scrolls!

    got Ron to help me set some goals this week to motivate me and to better gauge my progress. I have to: 1) have Ron approve at least 10 scroll drawings, before I 2) have Ron approve at least 10 scroll drawings with leaves 3) have at least 10 engraved scrolls approved, before I can 4)...