hand push

  1. J

    Help, please: Antique E.C. Muller gravers and a noob engraver that needs help

    Hi all! Thank you for allowing me to join! I recently acquired a set of gravers from an antique shop. The box is a re-used seed box, and I'm thinking they're from maybe the 1920s, perhaps? There are 19 gravers, several brushes, a tool that looks like a pencil but is metal, not graphite, and...
  2. B

    engraving on cast metal problems

    hello, beginner engraver here, currently practicing using hand push technique. i've been practicing and improving allot on copper sheet mostly and some silver sheet too but just go a horrible shock when trying my hand on a cast silver ring, and it was brittle and 'crunchy' for want of a...
  3. Monica

    Masters of Fine Watchmaking: The Engraver

    I just found this video. I'm not sure if it has been shared before, but I thought it would be a nice one for beginners on this forum to watch.
  4. tinkerSue

    Question: GRS Dual Angle Sharpening Fixture

    Hello All! I have been lurking for a super long time now and virtually all of my questions have been asked and answered many times. Thank you! :bow: I am learning how to hand-push engrave with a class consisting of me and myself...taught by I. The teacher is okay but doesn't really know what's...
  5. E

    Copper plate

    This is a small wall-hanging type piece I recently did for a young man for his family. I've been putting a lot of focus into my fine shading lately, and while there are numerous rough spots, I feel like I'm finally starting to get a little bit of dynamic. This was also my first use of leaf...
  6. H

    Learning Books

    Hello, I recently bought my first set of gravers and a pitch bowl. I have a 116 degree universal Lindsay sharpening template that worked a treat on the diamond sharpeners. I have a small and a large domed end, a flat door wedge graver and a scoopy graver I made from old tungsten carbide machine...
  7. T

    Question: Im a poor college student ixed on learning to engrave. Help on cheaper/homemade tools

    I have always loved engraved firearms, and am an avid firearm owner, reloader, bullet caster. I just started reading up on hand engraving and I know I would love it. I made myself a grave out of the back of a high speed drill bit that turned out kind of nice, I cut a piece of dowel off and used...