1. mvangle

    Ron Smith's 3rd book "THE MAKING of a MASTERPIECE"

    Exciting times as we approach the 2022 Engraves Show! 16 days until show setup! I will be emailing all exhibitors the security requirements for the show and Wednesday arrivals tomorrow after touching base with the Westgate Security. Here is a link to the Antique Arms Security Statement...
  2. dimovengraving

    Celtic Dragon Knife

    Hello, today i want to present you my latest work Composition "Celtic Dragon Knife" - Class "Aristocrat" click to see the big picture 2000 px Info KNIFE: overall length 210mm BLADE: 100mm, T5MOV steel (57 HRC), metal engraving - gоld plating(24k) HANDLЕ: ergonomic, walunt, miniature...
  3. dimovengraving

    Gunstock Art Nouveau III

    Next carved "Art Nouveau" gunstock : Info: Carving class I +, ornaments of style Art Nouveau, inlaid pieces of boxwood (Lat: buxus) of mallard (Lat: Anas platyrhynchos) and roll with gift inscription ; metal engraving and gilding of the moving parts of the mechanism , made by Dimitar...
  4. DakotaDocMartin

    Handmade Grips Website from Istanbul, Turkey

    I was looking through the Summer 2011 issue of Guns of the Old West magazine today and noticed a small display ad for in Istanbul, Turkey. I decided to check them out and was amazed by their craftsmanship. They do use some CNC equipment to help shape the grips initially but...