1. EngraverHand

    Procreate Brushes

    Hi all, I hope this is ok to post.. I see some questions for Procreate brushes now and the and I know there are already some out there that should work very well for making engraving designs. I have designed my own set of brushes for my own needs and preferences that I use for my designs. The...
  2. johnnyoro

    Procreate brushes

    Hello to the group! I’ve looked for anyone that has posted previously about downloading brushes for engraving layout purposes. I could’ve sworn someone has told me that Sam created some brushes to download. Perhaps it was a list of his favorite brushes? Either way I am just curious about...
  3. mvangle

    Fega 2018 ipad pro / procreate round table videos now available at fega.com

    The 2018 FEGA Round Table DVD's- recorded on Sunday night in Las Vegas are available now for purchase. # 65 Mark Sedlack- 2018 Round Table- Part 1 Introduction to using I Pad Pro and Procreate for Art # 66 Sam Alfano- 2018 Round Table- Part 2 Using I Pad Pro and...
  4. J

    Working with procreate

    working on a pattern for my little folder

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