1. Artist007

    Engraving my first Spyderco knife, sculpture technique

    Hello all. I was going to wait until I was done to post anything about this, but I'm really pleased with how it's turning out. I'm putting the skills I learned from Sam Alfano's Deep Relief Sculpture Engraving video to good use. The skull is about 1.125" tall. The scrolls will be standard line...
  2. dimovengraving

    Children in the workshop: Make yourself a knife

    Simona and Alexander now no living in my town, but every summer they come to their grandmother's for a few weeks and take an intensive (daily) course in my studio. What have we not done? This year, the project is ambitious - making a knife. Nobody want to give a prognose what and whether it...
  3. dimovengraving

    Celtic Dragon Knife

    Hello, today i want to present you my latest work Composition "Celtic Dragon Knife" - Class "Aristocrat" click to see the big picture 2000 px Info KNIFE: overall length 210mm BLADE: 100mm, T5MOV steel (57 HRC), metal engraving - gоld plating(24k) HANDLЕ: ergonomic, walunt, miniature...
  4. W

    Question: My first knife! 2Cr13 SS?

    This was a very informative project for me. I have never cut into any Stainless steel before except for an old practice plate, and I'm not sure that was even SS. Not knowing much about SS I decided to give this 2Cr13 SS handle a try. After struggling with it for a while I figured it out! Im not...
  5. M

    Question: Suggestion on Brass type to use for knife.

    I am a starting knife maker and engraver. I would like to use a nice brass for a knifes bolster, pins and for inlay. It was mentioned that I should be aware that there are a number of brass types and to get the same brass for each of the components. In searching here there appears to be a...
  6. V

    My bulino engraving and gold inlay on knife

    I am sending you a preview of my engraving on the knife. Here, I have used the engraving technique called Bulino dots and lines and gold inlay. The flower is made by enamel technique. Vlastik :graver:
  7. R

    Question: Copyright confusion--------

    Hi-----I just saw a knife made by Montejano, ( Guernica painted by Pablo Picasso) an amazing engraving. But how can he reproduce that image without trouble?
  8. S

    Civil War

    Over the last year I’ve had several orders for Civil War scenes, so I thought I’d share some of my working photos from these. The knife commemorated a customer’s ancestor and the reverse ribbon shows the regiments he belonged to. The other photos are from a pair of pool cues. (Each band on...
  9. vilts

    Engraved damasteel knife

    This knife has been long time in the making, but today I finally finished the engraving too. Knife itself was ready more than a month ago. As I really liked how the damasteel (Swedish stainless damascus) turned out, I put on it engraving that's worth more than I got paid, but I couldn't help...