leica a60

  1. Chujybear

    Microscope depth of field

    I tried to fake the new Leica a60 system with its depth of field by adjusting the aperture in the ocular lens with some copper washers. Obviously this is not where the constricted aperture is because all I got was a coppery artaifact in my field of view. Anybody with the a60, can you see the...
  2. Lunsford79

    Best Handycam macro setup that won't break the bank

    Hi there, looking to setup a camera to a monitor or computer on a Leica A60. I know I can purchase a Sony Handycam for about 200$ and a nice mount for the A60 for about 240$ with a few macro lenses. Is this the best set up? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Typically I shoot...

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