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    Help, please: Meiji Emz8-Tr to handycam camcorder

    I’ve searched long and far for proper instruction on combining a Sony handycam to the trinocular port of my Meiji Emz8tr. All of the videos and pictures I’ve seen of this set up involve some sort of adapter piece I’m having trouble finding. Can anyone supply valid links (and or photos) showing...
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    Help, please: Help a newb starting his journey from blank

    Good evening everyone, i need your help with.. well, it feels like everything. After suffering from burnout last year i want to reorientate my profession. Next year i will have an internship as a goldsmith - coming from IT - and since then i am following videos about engraving and kinda felt in...
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    Question: Stereo microscope focal length

    Hello from Canada, first post here. I recently bought an older Bausch and Lomb stereo microscope with a moveable base for a price that was too good to refuse. It came with 10x eye pieces and currently the space between the scope and an object in focus is about 3 inches - I’m assuming that’s...
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    Olympus SZX 7 Question

    Hi to all dear members, I'm new to engraving and stone setting! Have ordered Olympus SZX7 microscope for stone setting (working distance 113 mm) Does anyone use this microscope for engraving or stone setting or is it suitable at all for those purposes? Your advice is highly appreciated...
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    Question: Lieder microscope restoration

    I bought a Lieder microscope for dirt cheep when I was just starting out. It was very used and abused but a real steal and good enough for a beginner but I feel my skill has progressed to the point that I either need to restore it or get a new scope. Does anyone have any experience with this...
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    Site microscope.com review

    Dear colleagues. I had worked on the microscope Leica s4e, but now plan to buy Meiji emz8tr. going to book online microscope.com Please tell me somebody ordered microscope from this online store? they have the cheapest prices on the internet. please advise whether it is possible to buy a...
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    Question: Need Help selecting affordable Video camera for microscope

    Hi Guys, I'm setting up my engraving microscope. My thought is that I want to be able to engrave while watching the monitor or laptop screen to save my back and neck the strain of looking through the mic. So here is the set up I have so far, Bausch and Lomb Stereo Zoom 4, 0.4x – 3.0x power...
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    membership pledge(donation)newbies and juniors please read

    I am as much a newbie as there is. I know little to no terminology,heck,I don't even own the first graver yet. I got interested seeing some beautiful engraving on a gun on another site and got interested. I was lucky enough to happen upon this website. I was poking around on the site as I often...
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    Trinocular recommendations for filming with new setup

    Hello, As stated in a previous thread, I'm setting up a new powered set up to set and engrave with. I look forward to working under a scope that is well made, and a pleasure to use. I would very much like to be able to film through a third eye hole . I tell customers what hand engraving is...