1. Artist007

    Engraved My First Firearm

    Hello all, Just sharing my work. I'm pretty new to engraving. So far, I've done two practice plates, a Zippo, a small pendant, and a revolver. This is my first firearm engraving, a Smith & Wesson Military & Police 38 Special Model 10-5. I got pretty ambitious pretty quickly, and I think it...
  2. C

    Newbie Question, regarding scrollwork drawing.

  3. Hora

    14K golden ring

    Finally I found some time to engrave a 14K golden ring. Size 20mm, 5 mm wide and 1.4 mm thick. The pattern used I studied from Marcus Hunt “English Fine Scroll” DVD and book. Simple in design but hard to master. One of the most difficult things cutting was the 2 lines following the outsides of...
  4. DakotaDocMartin

    Scroll Constipation

    My wife was in a women's clothing store doing some shopping and I noticed this horrible conglomeration of scrolls in the window. Scrolls should invoke feelings of flow, harmony, symmetry, etc. The first word that came to mind was "constipation". :eek:
  5. Mario Sarto

    Scroll on a Sterling Silver pendant

    Below you find a Sterling Silver pendant i finished today. It has 40 mm in diameter. I have tried to cut deep as i was able to do ;) Thank you for watching it!
  6. RedfordTrails

    Got my first gun outlined

    Gonna be a while before I have time to background it and shade it, but here's my first gun design. Probly coulda done without the giant running leaf. Weird metal.... It was very porous and rust came out of the porosity so each cut just wept rust. And the metal came up in curls as if it...
  7. Gargoyle

    Genovese scroll work

    I just spent some more time in Genoa, doing further research on the Staglieno cemetery. (some of you are familiar with the book I wrote last year on that magnificent place). I spent a day walking around town photographing the architectural ornament, and took these photos of scrollwork and...
  8. Hora

    Critique Request English scroll work

    This is my first complete attempt into English scroll work as I have understood from Rex. Rex did a demonstration of this technique during the Grand Masters Program 2010. :thumbs up: I see in the sketch that not every scroll is an precise replica of the others but the overall feeling pleases...

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