1. SantiagoDeLaGarza

    Titanium Sculpting

    Thank you to everyone in this group for providing such amazing knowledge, I come back often to learn from all you masters! Ive taken a bigger course at GRS with Todd Daniels and plenty of Sam's awesome video tutorials on his website I highly recommend. I have done only a small amount of...
  2. Jan Hendrik

    Critique Request My second bulino engraving attempt

    Thsi is my second attempt at bulino engraving on grade 2 Titanium knife bolsters. Your input and advice will be greatly appreciated!
  3. C

    Engraving Tungsten Rings

    Hi, all! This is my first post in the Engravers Cafe. Fist off I would like to thank everyone for adding their own tips and tricks. This page is a great resource. I am planning to make a wedding band for a dear friend who would like tungsten. Really my plan is to find a plain ring and...
  4. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Engraved Titanim eyeglasses

    You probably remember my attempt on FES and FAS Here is the first result of a pair Titanium grade 5 eyeglasses I engraved. Later if you like more, I will add my fine English version on another pair of Ti eyeglasses I finished recently. arnaud
  5. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Running leaf variant on Ti wedding bands [photo]

    I closed the work week by finishing this pair of wedding bands The lady was sure she wanted the running leaf variant with the beads in the centre. And before you ask no neither the engraving nor the shading lines will wear of in a lifetime. This morning a customer who wears a Ti ring I made...
  6. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Some unusual Ti work for a ring [photo]

    This is a design I made some time ago and it is one of my favourites because of its strength and simplicity. It is meant to hold an expensive stone like a 3 carat diamond. This time a customer had a golden pendant with this quite big blue sapphire in it. I forgot to weight it but must be over...
  7. RedfordTrails

    Question: Engraving Titanium (Black Titanium) Too hard?

    Hi, I took a simple job to engrave a phrase in script on the outside of a ring. This ring is stamped TITANIUM but it's black in color. I believe some kind of anodizing... from what I was told any way. I put my layout on the ring and when I tried to make my first cut the the graver wanted to...
  8. DakotaDocMartin

    Heat coloring of titanium

    This is also something I would like to try some day. The blued titanium watches with the gold inlay that Chris DeCammilis does for the Montana Watch Co. are awesome.:yes Blue and gold together have a beautiful look.:thumbs up: Heat coloring of titanium: Pale Gold Straw-385 ºC = 725 ºF...
  9. DakotaDocMartin

    Copper, Titanium and Silver Jewelry

    I found this to be very interesting. I don't particularly like the style of his jewelry but, I like the idea of various colored metals in layers. This might come in handy some day. Jewelry Making Class - Composite Metals
  10. Arnaud Van Tilburgh

    Bracelet design

    After seeing all those beautifully bracelets, I thought it was time for me to do some too. It is especially the very nice one of Andrew that got me there. I also have been looking at a lot of scrolls on the pictures that I have copied on my laptop from your works, especially the ones of Phil...