wood carving

  1. C

    Clarify tools to use!

    Hello all, I’m confused with all the types of tools to use and looking for recommendations. I’m a newbie and looking to purchase something to start projects. I would like to engrave glass, metal and carve wood on a small detailed scale as well as a larger one. Is a flexi shaft a lighter tool...
  2. dimovengraving

    Celtic Dragon Knife

    Hello, today i want to present you my latest work Composition "Celtic Dragon Knife" - Class "Aristocrat" click to see the big picture 2000 px Info KNIFE: overall length 210mm BLADE: 100mm, T5MOV steel (57 HRC), metal engraving - gоld plating(24k) HANDLЕ: ergonomic, walunt, miniature...
  3. dimovengraving

    GRS with GRS

    A desktop plaque that I made for the 40th anniversary of GRS company The materials and techniques are: stand of walnut, inlayed boxwood and silver (925). Fine and micro woodcarving Width of each letter - 30 mm In first time I use GRS handpieces for wood-carving :handpiece...
  4. dimovengraving

    Announcement: "Guinevere" : folder knife-jewelry

    I just finished an interesting (in my opinion) knife-jewelry "Guinevere" : folder knife-jewelry(necklace) (click on photos to enlarge) GENERAL INFORMATION: weight 46 gr(1.62 ounce), Total length 115mm(4 1/2"), width 37 mm(1 1/2"), Length folded 65mm(2 1/2"), complete hand engraved with...
  5. dimovengraving

    pistol wood grips for SIG SAUER P228

    Hi, today i wish to show you my latest work- pistol wood grips for SIG SAUER P228 : click to enlarge walnut, inserts of box wood, miniature carvings, gold inlays, engraved skrewheads (gold plating 24K) This Was :tiphat:
  6. dimovengraving

    Evgeni -new works

    Here I will present my works Today i want to present to you, composition "Knife Nazgul" - Class "Aristocrat" Composition "Knife Nazgul" - Class "Aristocrat" Info: KNIFE: overall length 230mm, EDGE: 120mm, high quality steel (56t. HRC), gilding (24k) metal...