1. Z

    Original Pries / zippo engraving machine

    Hello, I am totally new to the engraving world. I came across a Pries pantograph engraving machine that came from Zippo manufactoring. I am trying to find the stylus/ tracing part that you use to trace brass engraving plates. And I'm looking for the engraving bits/cutters. Can anybody help? I...
  2. W

    Critique Request First Zippo

    All finished up, this was a great learning experience and a huge step in my skills. I was supposed to finally take my first GRS class after years of trying unsuccessfully for years. I got into Sams zippo class but that was obviously canceled so I decided to go about it myself. Finally cracked...
  3. A

    2nd zippo finished

    This one was not easy. I learned a lot of lessons of engraving that i need to apply more often. I learned an extreme importance for comfort while doing this one. :o
  4. A

    Bulino Zippo

    My first bulino on a zippo. Majority of the work was done with a manuel push graver, only used pneumatic on the whiskers. Will have more work within the next couple of weeks.
  5. vilts

    Critique Request Zippo No. 10 - bulino study

    Hello, It's been a while since my last post and to fix that problem I ask for your honest critique on this piece. I need to do 2 more females on metal, so they have to be better than this one :). I did start out by making too heavy cuts and that was hard to fix once I got the feel of how...

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