Cafe interview with Marty Rabeno


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Hello Everyone and thank you very much for the kind comments.
I'm sorry I haven't signed on before this but I first found about how fast Sam posted this interview just this morning. It has been a crazy hectic year with my back surgery and other family matters so I am really playing catch up here while trying to get ready for our annual FEGA meeting in Reno. I finally tried to ski a few runs yesterday and am moving slow today.
I usually do have castings with me for sale in Reno. I am trying to get some together right now and here is one of a floor plate I just finished up. If I can get the plastic in time I will have some of these with me.
It has been an intersting ride engraving so far and I look forward to many more years and many new friendships.


That's a great read thanks Marty.

Looking forward to seeing you in Reno and seeing what other "goodies" you will have at your table.


Doc Mark

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Great interview Marty! I love this new floorplate! Looks like I will need to add to my prior collection of Rabino castings. See you in Reno.


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Thanks for the interview Marty and Sam. Your genuine down-to-earth nature coupled with a touch of modesty was most refreshing to see.