Cafe Interview with Sam Welch

Ron Smith

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Apr 6, 2007
Sam old friend, I appreciate your attitude toward life, and I also know you well enough to say you rate pretty high in my book, both as an engraver and as a person. You always amaze me with your creativity and diverse knowledge. It is a pleasure to know you, and will look forward to many more years.....great interview!!....Ron S

Dragging an elk out of the woods is bad enough. I can only imagine getting a moose out. The joke really is on you. Don't think I could hack it these days. Wouldn't have the stamina. Wouldn't have the desire either......Ha Ha ....Or maybe we just got smarter, what do you think?


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Jan 31, 2007
Castle Valley, UT in the Red Rock country
Well Ron, smarter, wiser, or just worn out doesn't matter much as the results are the same. Never shot one myself but was foolish enough to go along as "pack mule", not knowing what I was in for. Much younger and stronger in those bygone days. Thanks for the comments Ron and I have cherished our friendship for all these years, about 27 as I make it.

After I had read your interview I had the thought...I pitty whoever has to follow that had trepidations about doing the interview. However, it was actually fun. And you are right, I know a lot, I just can't think of it.

Regards, S.
Dec 1, 2006
Sam W,

it is always a benefit to see your work .....i have many photos of examples of your work that are published in my study folders. As I study all engravers, I find that your design and layouts are exquistely executed. I have for many years enjoyed viewing your work; it was a pleasure to meet and speak with you this past January in Reno.

Enjoyed the interview.

Your neighbor,

M A Smith


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Nov 17, 2006
Sam, great stuff and anything good that comes your way is well deserved. I thought of you recently while attending the local cruise in. Your cars would have fit right in. Thanks for the help over the years and I will surely pester you again.

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