George Sherwood sample plates


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Nov 10, 2006
Evansville, IN
Please folks...there are no underlying meanings or messages here, but George existed in a time and engraved long before air powered equipment came online. This stuff was hammer and chisel or push. He was a pleasure to know and I truly enjoyed seeing these wonderful Sherwood Plates!

Brian Marshall

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Nov 9, 2006
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Hmmm... this is getting kinda a long ways from George Sherwood the engraver and his practice plates.

I didn't mean for this to happen. Got here from "water under the bridge", and the passage of time I guess?

Wet, stinky dogs are really not all that interesting.

Yep, Roger - I wasn't referring to you or yours.

My "Aussies" are a breed of dog named "Australian Shepherds" that never actually came from Australia at all.

Though some of their blood can be traced there - most DNA came from a conglomeration/combination of other herding breeds.

Someone long ago decided that an exotic name here in the USA would sell more pups and basically it went on from there.

After 50 or so years they are now accepted as a "pure" registered breed by AKC... and exported to Australia!

Just goes to show that names are just that.


Shelties, McNabs, Queensland Heelers and Border Collies all played a part...

Even some of the old fashioned collies - before they bred all the brains out of 'em... to make "show" dogs out of 'em.

Sad, because at one time that was a very intelligent and useful breed. Not so much any more... 1994
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