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Wow Steece!! I don't think I've ever seen lettering done any better than that. Bravo!!

Where ya been? Haven't see you in ages.


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That is COOL! Was wondering how flare cut would look with script, now I'll have to experiment using it for other fonts.
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Thank you all for the compliments!

Sam, I've been busy, and somewhat isolated, the past ten years with business and I realized this past year I had become stagnet as an engraver.

I purchased some of your engraving videos recently and some basic things were brought back to my attention that have helped me tremendously! The benefits I've received from the information have been work at least ten times the price of the videos.

So, why am I here now? I want to continue to work at getting better as a hand engraver and engraving business owner. There is much on the Engraver's Cafe I can benefit from and I will do what I can to contribute as well.
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I'm doing well Scott! I have been in the hand engraving business to retail jewelers for over eleven years now. It's been a good run!


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Steece, I went to your website. There's lots of information for us new engravers about layout and lettering styles . It's a nice, professional looking website. Thanks for posting. Mark