Poll - Where do you engrave?

Where do you engrave? Where is your bench/shop/studio?

  • Cellar

    Votes: 45 14.4%
  • Garage

    Votes: 32 10.3%
  • Separate room in house (office, den, spare bedroom)

    Votes: 133 42.6%
  • Out building on your property

    Votes: 54 17.3%
  • At work (jewelry store, gun shop, etc.)

    Votes: 50 16.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 24 7.7%

  • Total voters
I am just putting the finishing touches on my shop a 16 x 24 dedicated building with a nice front porch just finished the engraving bench a couple of days before my new Lindsay PalmControl arrived. I do everything there now Plasticize wood for knifemakers, make pens, make the transfer magic, and engrave have all that I need except a small fridge for the calming agent which I drink on the porch after a busy day.
I have a shop converted from a tack room in a small horse barn. It is nicely wired and has a/c. I fabricate a little jewelry and do repairs there as well. There is never enough room for 'stuff' though!
22x24 dacha imported from Estonia (its a long story best kept for wee hours) with an 8x24 office built to house my antique safe and a 12x16 covered but open annex for the foundry. Separate room for the polishing machine and potty. I wish it were twice this size, because junk expands to fill all available space!
I have a shop where I can run semi trucks in. The shop is 30 x 36 x 14'high and I have an office on the northwest side of the building. Directly to the east I built a small engraving studio 8 x12. I need to put a window or 2 on the north side of the studio but haven';t gotten around to it yet. The reason I have The semi part of the shop is where I letter and airbrush murals on motorcycle tanks, semis and just about anything that will stay still long enough to get a blast of paint on it. By the way, this is the best forum on the net, please keep up the great job....thankyou
After I closed my shop on the street (couldn't afford it anymore), the mall mentality thing again, having to pay rent based on a mass production economy and menality. I could no longer compete with that spend spend spend inflation period that began in the eighties and is still going, so I moved it all home. I now work in a small bedroom where I bump into myself every time I turn around. I've always wanted a nice studio where I have some room, but it is beginning to look like a pipe dream.

My advice, keep your expenses low, and working out of your house is good, especially if you can afford to build a nice shop, and it sounds like that is what every one is trying to do. But then in reference to the magazine we have been talking about, that is why we are hard to find. We aren't very visible to the public and that is one reason I think a good public publication would help us considerably.

I had to laugh at " Cellar ". Seems so dark-- cold and dreary. Well-- when we moved to a different city we picked out a house that had a nice room in the basement. I can work at night and not keep my wife up with the noise. It's has one small window-- but I have 16 lights, most on two switches that lights it up well. In North Dakota the winters nights are long so windows wouldn't be much help.
I do most grinding, rust bluing tank, bead blasting etc in the garage. I all so have my air compressor in the garage with the air piped in, with a switch in the shop.
Maybe I should of been a electrician! :D
well for years i worked out of a hole in the wall in the back of my garage..but heres my new shop its 20x 28 right next to my house.lots of room and lot of light and i'm loving it:D the only thing i'm adding is a 8x20 room on the side so i can move my polishing machine into along with my sand blaster..just to much dust in my engraving shop..live and learn as you go..


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Oh that is nice!

Too bad this forum doesn't have a 'drool' smiley - all that space and all those wonderful toys...
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I use a room of the house, to work. I do need more room, has a Wax working bench, Engraving bench, Soldering/Fabrication bench, and a Miss bench for the wife. Casting and Lapidary are in another room.


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Here's a poll started in 2006 that I'll bet a lot of newer members haven't participated in :cool:
Been doing my engraving in the store where I work as a bench jeweler. Hope to set up a engraving bench at home.Got to get away from the interuptions.

Hey can you change this watch battery,size this ring,set this stone and draw a design for Mrs.So&So_Oh and she will be back in about a hour.Thank you.
I have a tiny little corner in a tiny little apartment that I have turned into my "engravers corner". My girlfriend sits a couple feet away and reads as I engrave and I wouldn't have it any other way!
I started in my garage faceting,thanks to my wife I found a space next to two standard windows. The faceting grew and then came the silver work in the same 6x6 area with the Nascar TV installed a few more feet cut her away. It could be a radio for the amount of time that I watch it. Now the next step engraving, I am done with wood as I can play with silver as many times as I can melt it. Don't drink and drive you might spill your drink. Leaker