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Jun 19, 2007
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A while back the subject of 'scorpers' came up. They're little scraping / shaving tools that the Europeans use and most of us Americans don't quite know about.

In the 'Gold Inlay Tool' thread these two messages (which I saved off) were posted:

A scorper from "Engraving on Precious Metals":

Sorry guys, I've been a bit busy the past few days to photograph one of my scorpers. Thanks for postin that Kevin. What I use is basically the same thing.

If you want to try one out the geometry for a sharpening fixture is 60º for the heel with a 15º lift/post. Then the flat is put on at 15º lift also. The 60º sides make the flat parallel whatever the width. Get this wrong and you'll get a tapered flat which won't work or rather, it will to a certain degree but the first time you resharpen you'll get a different sized flat.

Yesterday I finally got around to trying to make one.

I'm sure it's 'off' enough to be the subject of some serious mockery by anyone who actually knows how to make one but it looks fairly close to the illustration and dang that thing works great! :yes

You can shave off just the finest bit with an easy hand push. I've been doing a lot of hobo nickels so I made a rather small one for flattening out some of the very small areas I have to deal with and as I said, it's working extremely well.

Just wanted to thank Kevin P. and Marcus for their posts on this handy tool!


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Oct 3, 2018
This is very similar to the MR.the or Paulo Curcio template on Lindsay's site. I have scoured the internet for info on scorpers and have found the Mr.The background flat template to be right on. Just an FYI for anyone interested.