Sharpening the uniform heel graver by John Barraclough

John B.

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Nov 9, 2006
Los Angeles area, California.
Hi Loyd.
Here is the way I make a parallel lift for any V-graver.
If you are using a power hone, turn it off and put on your fine lap.
If you are using stones or diamond laps select your fine one.
You do not need power when creating the lift facets IMO.
Use an angle holder or a piece of drill rod to set the degree of lift you want.
You will be pulling the graver back towards yourself.
Set one side of the graver on to the abrasive lap or stone with the bottom edge of the face at 90 degrees to you.
With the back of the graver raised up at the angle of lift you want, press down lightly draw the graver back towards yourself.
Check the size of the lift you have created, it should be between 4-20 thousandths wide, depending on how tight turns you want to cut.
When it looks good to you for length and follows parallel to the front face of the graver repeat it on the other side.
Keep both sides equal in length (except for very special script cutting requirements.)
It is important the lift cuts are equal length and that they meet at the same place on the bottom cutting edge for the graver to cut true.
I realize that this is old stuff to a lot of you, please excuse me.
But a lot of the folks in class used to find it helpful.
Best to all, John B.