Zigzag borders

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Hi all
came up this Beauty, and wondered how you would approach the cutting of those 2 different "zigzag"? borders in red...

from how many sides is this cut? what graver and what angle would be considered?
Tried to find some tutorial, but nothing specific came up..

Very curious how other eyes see this..



I have cut similar borders on antique guns. I just cut the top and bottom guide lines with a regular 90 and then do the zigzags with a flat just the same as one would do a nick and dot but with some alteration. When doing the triangles I use a flat with a 25° heal because it comes out of the hole cleaner. I like that pistol. It looks European.


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1.) Cut two border lines about 1mm or 1.5mm apart.
2.) Roll the corner of a flat graver to create a line of equally spaced mountain shapes.
3.) do the same thing on the opposite side making another row of mountains between the first row, leaving a bit of unengraved surface metal to create the wavy line.

The border on the right is commonly referred to as nick & dot.