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    Anyone else adapting to tremors, or have tips for doing so?

    I suffered a broken neck several/years ago which pretty much ended my ability to look in the scoop. Over the past couple of years the crushed spinal cord has caused problems with my hand functions which in increasing my motor control in both hands. I thought I would be able to manufacture...
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    Mid/Late Victorian English shotgun engraving

    I would suggest that you do a search on threads by both Ken and Marcus hunt on this site. You will discover much priceless information from both father and son historical and practical information And don't bother asking me I don't want to sell my copy of Marcus' instructional materials - beat...
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    Help, please: Gravermeister/915 handpiece running HOT(SOLVED)

    I used "Vet Wrap" after adding the 2400 speed kit, before I added that it was not an issue.
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    Advanced Shading

    Spark, Welcome to the Cafe' and congratulations on some very fine art work. I had been engraving since early eighties until braking my neck in 02. Had/Have some real challenges both physical and mental with engraving sense. Nothing compared to what you have accomplished. You are a real...
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    Introducing my self new to engraving

    With your ingenuity and creativity you will go far. Fred
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    Announcement: New instructional video on The Art of Flare Cutting

    Friend Sam, your instruction is still really top rate. As an Industrial Arts teacher for many years the proof is in the students. Your students tend to bare out the quality of the educational experience. MaryAnne is one such student-the more she learns the better teacher you...
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    Help, please: Trying to teach myself engraving while at home

    Been in hospital 3 times with this damned virus - work fast-- before it kills me, want you to have your learning time but hurry would you please, fred
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    Help, please: Trying to teach myself engraving while at home

    A softer leaded pencil will accept drawing tasks on copper well-use all copper wheat pennies as your first choice.
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    bolo tie

    you can buy the backs from IJS (indian Jewelry supply ) cheap
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    Honest Question

    So true, so very true
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    Garage News: The Eternal Project

    Fit for Royalty or a President. Wonderful artistry, deign, and execution. All to expected from you Lee, Can I live in your garage for the winter. I don't eat much and will keep the drive and sidewalk clean of snow. Raised in the high country of western Colorado, spent 20 year in the sunflowers...
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    I always enjoy seeing your work
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    Returning from semi-retirement

    Nice to see you back Brain, missed your input and observations. I've been away from the bench for quit a while myself. broke my neck and lower back as well as crushed my spinal cord. after a year or two of trying to stay in touch it got real depressing and Looking at my dinning room engraving...
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    Guilloché, "classic" and English Fine Scroll engraved by Artesà machine.

    Thanks for the replye Leonardo,, Fred
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    Motorcycle Piston Carving

    Really Cool concept. Would be really neat done with a set of V Twin High Compression Pistons on push rods mounted to a crank shaft. Giving me some ideas-Hope you don't mind If it's a problem let me know And I will move it to the I should done that first part of my ideas box.

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