hobo nickel

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    pirate skull

    hobo locket coin hope you like it!
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    summer train

    hope you like it!
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    super heroes

    hope you like it sry for the bad pic, i´m still learning...
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    Latest hobo nickel

    I am really not all into skulls and skeletons...this was a commissioned coin, but as long as I was asked to do this kind of subject, I really tried to make it count. Thanks for looking!
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    the Caravel "La Pinta"

    silver overlayed
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    hobo nickel Secreto BY Pedro C.

    the battleship
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    hobo nickel Secreto BY Pedro C.

    hope you like it
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    Xmas Train by Pedro C (secreto estudio de joyería)

    another secret...
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    My latest hobo nickel carving

    Thanks for looking! Its called "Bug Off!".
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    hobo nickel Secreto BY Pedro C.

    Death Tax...
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    My 17th hobo nickel carving..."Working the Graveyard Shift"

    A sort of Halloween coin..."Working the Graveyard Shift.
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    Hobo nickel Secreto by Pedro C

    The Smile...
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    Hobo Nickel

    This is my most recent coin carving, "Unlucky Fisherman". Thanks for comments...I added a slightly better photo in the replies...
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    hobo nickel Secreto BY Pedro C.

    train... hope you like it
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    secreto estudio de joyeria By Pedro C

    port hole to the deep Blue Sea
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    secreto estudio de joyeria "the Captain treasure"

    somebody kill the Cap...
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    Secreto estudio de Joyeria By Pedro C

    Portrait. Hope you like it...
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    Portrait: Liam Nesson.

    I want to give public Thanks to Paolo Curcio (MrThe) because his master class was definitely... Hope you like it..