master engraver

  1. DakotaDocMartin

    One year to Master?

    I was just thinking back through the years of the Engravers Cafe and I got to wondering whatever happened with that guy who set out to learn hand engraving from start to being a Master Engraver in one year? He just seemed to disappear. Hopefully, he kept engraving beyond that one year.
  2. G

    small colt

    small 1911 colt government model in 380 I engraved for a regular customer in my version of Western scroll. This pistol is approximately. It's about 5/8 the size of a full sized 1911. I'm not sure what the specific designation is.
  3. MexicanEngraver

    Remington Model 3200 (landscape flying quail)

    Remington Model 3200 (landscape flying quail) engraved with chisel and hammer :hammer:
  4. B

    Another great redirect...

    For those of you interested in my engraving progress, I have some very exciting news. Click the link below. CC Welcomed.
  5. B

    Sticking out my newbie neck!

    Engraving friends, I'm putting my neck on the line in my goal to become a Master Engraver. I've built a blog and ask you to help me reach my goal by commenting on what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. I didn't want to tax this forum with repeated threads. You've all been most...