1. 8lackie

    Seeking an engraver

    Hello, I recently wanted a ring engraved. I made a mistake and entrusted my job to an outfit that does various jobs etching flasks, plaques, and rings. This is in part my fault; expectations too high, not understanding the methods used by places that use automated methods to knock out their...
  2. Golabekrafts

    Second silver inlay practice

    Hello everyone! Just thought I’d share this quick video I made during my practice work today. This is my second attempt at making a silver inlay moon in wrought iron. The practice is for a tsuba I have planned out. Still within my first 20 hours of engraving practice, I accidentally broke a tip...
  3. B

    engraving on cast metal problems

    hello, beginner engraver here, currently practicing using hand push technique. i've been practicing and improving allot on copper sheet mostly and some silver sheet too but just go a horrible shock when trying my hand on a cast silver ring, and it was brittle and 'crunchy' for want of a...
  4. R

    Question: Trophy buckle style Silver thickness??

    Hello All, What gauge of Sterling is common to use for an oval shaped 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" buckle?? thanks, Ross
  5. Southern Custom

    Sterling punch bowl project

    I haven't visited much lately much less participated or contributed anything to the forum. The shop has been a little over run but here is one of the latest time suckers. This sterling silver punch bowl is a replica/replacement for an award that was lost in the mail. The medallion was done in...
  6. A

    Help, please: Help with silver chain! (not strictly engraving related but jewelry making)

    Hi pals. A friend bought an old pair of horse spurs. One chain is missing and he ask me to reproduce it. My problem is the method to "braid" these model of chain. Anyone have some info about it? or info about some place or forum to get some clue? Thank you all in advance. Alberto.
  7. C

    First post by a new guy

    My name is Chuck Edwards. Back in august I bought my first microscope and inset. Then I found this forum. In The mean time I've been studying from your guys for the past few months. None of you have known it, but I want to thank you for the help. Now I thought I would quit looking around and...
  8. Mario Sarto

    coat of arms - silver jewelry

    This is a piece with a little bit of everything - some sculpting, some engraving and some bench work. The lady customer gave me an old (see picture, it's broken in some extend) wax impression of her families coat of arms. She wanted me to build it on a pendant made of Sterling Silver for her...
  9. PhilJordan

    Announcement: Hello, I'm new!

    Hello all, I'm a new member and new to engraving as of about 2 weeks ago. I'm a self-employed silversmith living and working in London and I'm interesting in push engraving for work on silver and other soft metals. I've found it hard so far, but also incredibly fun. I'm really enjoying it but...
  10. DakotaDocMartin

    Silver prices

    Silver keeps going up so I figured I'd get a piece to make my wife a cuff bracelet one of these days. A piece of Stuller's "Sterlium Plus" (their version of Argentium Silver) in 14 gauge that measures 1.5 inch X 6 inch came to $168.01. :shock:
  11. Roger Keagle

    Question: Inlays, gold and other metals...

    I know this may be a dumb question, but hey, this is me learning here.... What do I do when I want to taper off an inlay to nothing....see you guys doing it, but have not found any one telling how it is done...closest I got was a bout some dog hair that needed a similar treatment. Also...