1. Chujybear

    Vice jaws

    What do you call the type of jaw that goes on a ball vice? Is it a centering chuck? Isn't coming up with quite what I'm after in search queries... Anybody out there know the correct term that is escaping me? Thanks
  2. Jericho

    Question: Vice preference

    :thinking: I am starting to need a good vice as I am getting more and more into engraving. Does anyone have any good, inexpensive options for a begginer?:tiphat:
  3. DakotaDocMartin

    Magnetic Leather Vice Jaw Pads

    I decided to make myself a new set of leather vice jaw pads. This time, I made them magnetic so they will stick to the vice jaws and stay where I put them. Every year when the various telephone books are delivered there's one that comes with a magnetic strip. I never use phone books anymore...