Are you a musician?

Are you a musician? Check all that apply.

  • I play a stringed instrument.

    Votes: 87 54.7%
  • I play a woodwind instrument.

    Votes: 9 5.7%
  • I play brass instrument.

    Votes: 12 7.5%
  • I play a keyboard instrument.

    Votes: 18 11.3%
  • I'm a percussionist.

    Votes: 13 8.2%
  • I'm a vocalist.

    Votes: 24 15.1%
  • I could play an instrument if I knew which end to put in my mouth.

    Votes: 11 6.9%
  • I sing, but it has been compared to a dog with its leg caught in a fence.

    Votes: 27 17.0%
  • I play the radio/cd player like a pro.

    Votes: 50 31.4%
  • I play swinette (google description).

    Votes: 1 0.6%

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Don, Abigail's singing partner Jude is a very good fingerstyle guitarist (sans picks). I love the style. I can fingerpick a few tunes on guitar, but I'm not really a guitar player. Hey, there's always clawhammer banjo. I love that style. One day I'm going to devote some time to learning it. In the mean time, I'm stuck with my fingerpicks. :)
I played the trumpet in school, but got away from it a lo-o-o-ong time ago! Now I sing with the church choir, belting out bass, and have been a part of the praise team at other churches. I can't sing solo, but I love to harmonize.
I've been playing guitar since around 1961 and should be much better by now. I also play upright bass, because there were enough guitars in our group. I recently returned to the local coffee shop circuit in the Chicago burbs (I made a whole $ from the tip jar at our last gig-tells a story).
I can even play an air guitar off key.....
Always wanted to be able to play but don't have it in me. I can LISTEN to it well however....
I can't believe how many of you are musicians too. I have been playing music in different bands for 25 years. It strikes me as strange that so many engravers pick it.
Hi all,
Since a few years i play saxophone. I following lessons and my studybook is a Jazzbook. I like the blues and 50's Rock and Roll aswell...........greetings Johan


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One of the few parts of my youth that wasn't misspent was playing the french horn. Also played other brass instruments in marching bands and stage bands. Even played the string bass in a college stage band one year. Not very good at it, and when the music got too fast for me, I had to play every other note. But it sure was fun. I still blow a note or two now and then on my trumpet but only when there is no one around to insult. The only thing I really miss about youth is its inherent immortallity. S
I Play guitar (electric & acoustic) mandolin and electric or stand-up bass(not all at the same time!). I grew up listening to & pickin with my dad & also a bunch of blugrassers. I was (most likely) permanently warped by the bluegrass & will likely never recover! Now I pick an occassional local gig as part of a duet and also play in the praise band at church.
If you like '50's country & HW sr you will like my dad, you can find info about him at Big Bill

Well,........... I'm a little shy and that is why I wear a hat, but maybe I'll get to play with you guys sometime, only trouble is, I play mostly rock and roll......can you believe it? You guys are really good and a bit intimidating. I would probably forget the words. I like the guitar though, it is my therapy when I have time for it. I like about all music however and enjoyed listening to you guys. Made me want to get up and dance!
Ron S
OK Ron, I thought I knew a lot about you but I would never guess a Texan that wears a hat cowboy hat plays mostly rock and roll!
Now you gotta tell me what some of your favorite songs/bands are.
I must have done something wrong. I'm getting a quick reply message so i can reply to me and i am having to log in to answer the other messages. Did I mess up your forum? Yeeeooow!
Ron S
I have been holding off on answering this and don't know why, guess I'm lazy. I started playing my Dad's 1954 Fender Esquire (a Tele without the front lipstick pickup) when I was about 6 and got my first one at 8 and played some Johnny Cash back then. I'm 42 now and still have that old Fender.:)

In 1985 I was busted up in a mountaineering accident pretty bad and decided during those 2 months in a hospital bed with 11 broken bones that I would set out to fulfill a dream once I got back in the swing of things. I always wanted to be the "utility man" and play Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle and Guitar. In my 20's I got into Bluegrass and ain't never got out of it! I learned to play the fiddle some but wouldn't dare do it in front of folks, too ashamed. I used to play mandolin a lot. I had a banjo and traded it and a shotgun for a Colt Combat Commander 45ACP. I got a lot more use out of the pistol because I learned Cripple Creek and that is as far as I got and gave up.:eek:

I chide Sam once in a while but I really do love to hear that banjo played, I just can't do it. I have a dobro now and fool with it when I'm not trying to learn how to cut scrolls. I'm most comfortable on a box guitar since I have more time on it but I don't play like Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, or David Grier; sorry Sam.;)
Well here goes.
I used to play the piano ( took about 5 years of lessons) then about 4 years ago my wedding ring caught and i lost my left ring finger (hence my user name " three finger dave")
but i play the harmonica a bit and really enjoy it.
Hey Dave, I guess you might know it, but I lost my thumb and that thermalock is wondeful stuff. You ought to see the gizmo I made so I could still play the guitar. I have a little trouble hitting the right string sometimes, but I can still enjoy the guitar. How much of your finger did you lose? Probably at the joint where it joins the hand, right? I made a thumb first, that didn't work too good, but i kept playing with it intil I got it to work reasonably well. It looks pretty wierd, but it works. Don't give up on it, you might find some way to make it work. I almost pulled my finger off one time wearing a ring and I quit wearing jewelry. I grounded one on a battery once too and melted the sucker right on my finger. Carried that scar for many years, but you can't see it now.

Ron S