Are you a musician?

Are you a musician? Check all that apply.

  • I play a stringed instrument.

    Votes: 99 56.3%
  • I play a woodwind instrument.

    Votes: 12 6.8%
  • I play brass instrument.

    Votes: 15 8.5%
  • I play a keyboard instrument.

    Votes: 25 14.2%
  • I'm a percussionist.

    Votes: 15 8.5%
  • I'm a vocalist.

    Votes: 26 14.8%
  • I could play an instrument if I knew which end to put in my mouth.

    Votes: 11 6.3%
  • I sing, but it has been compared to a dog with its leg caught in a fence.

    Votes: 27 15.3%
  • I play the radio/cd player like a pro.

    Votes: 52 29.5%
  • I play swinette (google description).

    Votes: 1 0.6%

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Feb 23, 2007
North Idaho
Yep i lost the whole finger and it pulled the tendon out of my arm as well...they said the tendon ripped out from down by my elbow.I know it sure felt like it and it was about 16" long laying there on the floor.
i still play the piano a bit but i was playing Clasical at the time of the accident and it's kind of hard to do that missing a didget.
I am all healed up now and don't really have any complaints about it ... I still get the ghost pain. do you?
Thanks for the encoragment tho. I'm sorry about your thumb that is way worse than losing a ring finger. I admire your spirit to NEVER GIVE UP!
thanks again

Ron Smith

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Apr 6, 2007
Ghost Pain? I have a nervy situation, kind of like the nerve in your elbow (funny bone). It is kinda sensitive in that way, but it isn't painful unless I whack it on something. It's just annoying, but I'm learning to get around it. It is amazing how many little things that are difficult to do now. Won't slow me down much though and I am pretty resorceful. Don't worry 'bout me. Losing any part of your body is a bummer, Dave...............Forward!!!!
Ron S


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Aug 7, 2008
NW Arkansas, Ozark Mtns.
I'm afraid I fall into that banjo player category as well. I used to make them and that somehow evolved into coin engraving. I am somewhat of a gentleman banjo player and only use it when I want to clear the room. I also play mandolin, guitar, and my latest obsession is the square-neck resonator slide guitar... AKA the dobro.
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Dec 12, 2012
Safety Harbor, Florida
Yes, I am a musician. I sang for nearly all my life and at 49 y.o. started learning guitar. Now after 5 years, I can say that I can actually play. I like fingerpicking best, but I get "tangled" when I try to sing while playing. Stumming and singing is significanly easier for me. - I hope to get better over the years and decades to come; provided I'm stil around and breathing. :)


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Jan 31, 2007
Castle Valley, UT in the Red Rock country
In my happily misspent youth I played French horn from 5th grade through collage. I was first chair horn in the high school band when I was in the 7th grade. Also trumpet, Althorn, baritone and a few other brass instruments. Played upright bass in the collage stage band one year. These days I can build guitars and ukuleles and play the radio.
May 3, 2019
Baltimore DC area
Yep. Used to pay the bills with it in studios and stuff but now I just gig around at local venues with some friends. Most stringed instruments, keys, and vocals. Blues, rock, and classical mostly, but I have fun with jazz and funk when I feel it. Cheers to the other noise makers on the forum!