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Cafe Book & Video List

Hello cafe members! Here is the most current list of useful books and videos from your suggestions. If anyone has any further suggestions please send me a private message or e-mail and I'll add the new information. Thanks!

General Engraving Process
A Practical Course in Jewelry Engraving, Albert A. Winter, Henry Paulson and Co. (Out of Print)
Arms Engraving Facts, C. Roger Bleile, Roger Bleile/sponsored by FEGA, 1982
A.W. Thacker Academy for Jewelers Engraving Correspondence Course (out of print)
The Art of Engraving, James B. Meek
The Art of Engraving (1945), Islyn Thomas and Richard Koegl, Modern Plastics Magazine, 1945
Basic Engraving for Those Who Want to Learn the Art of Engraving, Benno L. Heune
The Basics of Firearms Engraving, Neil Hartliep, Brownell's
Engraving on Metal Made Easy, B.T. Horpe, Regal Pub., Provo, Reprint "The Art of Engraving" w/ new title, 1992, ISBN 1-877767-25-5
Engraving Metals With Numerous Engravings And Diagrams, Reprint Lindsay Pub. Inc., David Mckay Publisher, 1912, ISBN 1-55918-254-7
Engraving on Precious Metals, A.Brittain, S.Wolpert, P.Morton
Engraving Metals, Paul N. Hasluck, Found here
Etching and Engraving Techniques and the Modern Trend, John Buckland-Wright, Dover, 1973, ISBN 0-486-22888-6
Gunsmithing Simplified No 4 Engraving, Geoffrey Casbard, Normans of Framlingham Ltd.
Home Study Course in Engraving and Designing, F.A. Thomas, the Wisconsin School of Horology, Milwaukee, Wis. (out of print)
Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA), "How-to-Handbook", Second Edition, August 2006. (
How to Engrave the NgraveR Way, Ray J. Phillips, Ngraver Company
The Jewelry Engravers Manual, R. Allen Hardy & John J. Bowman, Dover
Mario Buccellati Prince Of Goldsmiths, Martina Corgnati, Giorgio Majnes, Pub. by Rizzoli Int'l. Pub. Inc., SBN 0-8478-2180-3
Metal Techniques for Craftsmen, Oppi Untracht
The Point of the Graver, Wesley W. Bates, Porcupines Quill, Inc., 1952, ISBN 0-88984-182-9
Practical Engraving ON Metal Including Hints on Saw Piercing, Carving, Inlaying, etc., Percival Marshall & Co., (Out of Print)

Advanced Drawing of Scrolls for Engravers, Artists, Designers Craftspeople, Ron Smith
An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists, W. Ellenberger
Animal Drawing and Painting by Walter J. Wilwerding
Art Anatomy of Animals by Ernest Thompson Seton
Art & Design Fundamentals for Engravers, Jewelers, Artists, Craftsmen by Lee Griffiths
Discover Drawing Series Draw Real Animals, Lee Hammond, F & W Publishers, ISBN 0-89134-658-9
Drawing & Engraving, A Brief Exposition of Technical Principles & Practice, Philip Gilbert Hammerton, 1892
Drawing and Understanding Scrolls, Ron Smith
Drawing Mammals, Doug Lindstrand
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards
Geometrical Drawing, D.W. Campana, Chicago, D.M.Campana Art Co. 1940 (out of print)
Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy
Prairie Wings, Photos by Edgar M. Queeny, Drawings by Richard E. Bishop, Dover, ISBN 0-486-24544-6
Rendering in Pen and Ink, Arthur L. Guptill, ISBN0-8230-4529-3
Sketching your Favorite Subjects in Pen and Ink, Claudia Nice, ISBN 0-89134-472-1
Skies and the Artist, Eric Sloane
The Joy of Drawing How to Draw Anything You See Or Imagine, Bill Martin, Watson-Guptill Pub., 1993, ISBN 0-8230-2370-2
The Technical Pen, Gary Simmons
Flower Garden Alphabet by Sally Maxwell for Scratchboard
Zoo Animals by Sally Maxwell for Scratchboard
Wild Animals Coloring Book by John Green
Pet Portraiture Made Easy by Sally Maxwell for Scratchboard

Engraving Autobiography
A Gifted Man by Joseph -

Monograms and Lettering
The A.B.C. of Modern Engraving, William Kassell, 1943, The Jeweler's Circular-Keystone
Art Alphabets and Lettering, J.M. Bergling
Art Monograms and Lettering, J.M. Bergling
The Art of Monogram Designing and Engraving, Fred Holmes Rees, Rochester, New York (out of print)
Calligraphic Ornaments, (CD-ROM book), Dover, 0-486-99939-4
Crocker Novelty Monogram System Standard of the World, F.W. Crocker, Glendo Corp.
Dietz Specimen Book of Monograms, Chicago, Henry Paulson and Company, 1898 (out of print)
Instructions in Letter Engraving - The Art Simplified and Made Easy of Acquirement, Kennedy Gray, 1885
The International Cyclopedia of Monograms Alphabets, Initials, Cyphers, Types, Crests, Coats-of-Arms,
Emblems, Badges, Shields & Decorations, Algrove Publishing, 1999, ISBN 0-9211335-86-5
Modern Letter Engraving in Theory and Practice, Fred Holmes Rees
Monograms and Alphabetic Devices, Hayward & Blance Cirker, Dover
Monograms and Ciphers, A.A. Turbayne, Dover
Monograms and Decorations from the Art Nouveau Period, Wilhelm Diebener, Dover
Monograms and Fancy Letters, D.M. Campana, Chicago, D.M.Campana Art Co. 1940 (out of print)
Ornamental Initials, Dan X. Solo, Dover Publications, Mineola, New York, 1994, ISBN #0-486-28248-1
Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy, E.A. Lupfer, Dover, 0-486-21957-7
Practical Instruction in the Art of Letter Engraving, G. F. Whelpley, John Wiley & Sons Pub., NY, (out of print)
Ready to Use Ornamental Initials, Dan X. Solo, Dover
Script Lettering For Artists, Tommy Thompson, Dover, ISBN 0-486-21311-0
Speedball Textbook, yearly updates
Spencerian Penmanship (Theory Book plus five copybooks), Platt Rogers Spencer
Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing, Columbus, Ohio, The Zaner-Bloser Co., (out of print)
2100 Victorian Monograms, Karl Klimsch, Dover

Design Ideas & Layout
A Complete Guide to Heraldry, A.C. Fox-Davies, Bonanza Books
Animals: 1419 Copyright-Free Illusrations of Mammals Birds Fish Insects, Jim Harter, Dover, 1979, ISBN 0-486-23766-4
Baroque Ornament, Dover
Bechen Book of Engraving, Chicago, A. C. Becken Co. 1935 (out of print)
Berglings General Reference Style Charts, (Probably no longer available)
B.F. Norris and Co.'s Textbook for Letters and Designs copyright 1874 (out of print)
Bit & Spur Motifs, Techniques and Modern Makers, Ned and Jody Martin
Celtic Art the Methods of Construction, George Bain, Dover
Classic Carving Patterns, Lora S. Irish, ISBN 1-56158-318-9
Fantastic Ornament, Michel Lienard, Dover
Field Guide to the Birds of North America, National Geographic Society
Florid Victorian Ornament, Dover
Flourishing, a New Approach to an Ancient Art, Bill Hildebrandt, David R Godine publisher (
Gothic Ornament and Design, V. Statz & G. Ungewitter
Graphic Ornaments, Pepin Press-Agile Rabbit Editions, ISBN 978-90-5768-016-8, with CDs
Great Book of Celtic Patterns, Lora S. Irish, ISBN 978-1-56523-314-0
Great Book of Tattoo Designs, Lora S. Irish, ISBN 978-1-56523-332-4
Handbook of Ornament, Franz Sales Meyer, Dover
Heraldic Designs and Engraving, J.M. Bergling
Heraldry A Pictorial Archive For Artists & Designers, Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, Dover, 1991
Islamic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople, Eva Wilson, Dover
Jewelry A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts & Engravings, Harold H. Hart, Dover, 1978, ISBN 0-486-24161-0
Modern Ornament and Design, J.N. Halsted, The Signs of the Times Publishing Co., 1927
National Engravers Style Chart, Fred W. Crocker, (Probably no longer available)
Ornamental Borders Scrolls and Cartouches by the Syracuse Ornamental Company, Dover, 1987, ISBN 0-486-25489-5
Ornamental Designs and Illustrations, J.M. Bergling, Gem City College Press
Ornamental Pen Designs and Flourishes, Dover, 0-486-29388-2
Pictorial Archive of Printer's Ornaments, Dover
Scroll Ornaments, Knight, Dover Books
Scoll Ornaments of the Early Victorian Period, 71 Engravings, F. Knight, Dover, 1978, ISBN 0-486-23596-3
The Styles of Ornament, Alexander Speltz, Dover
Style Sheets for Silverware Engraving from leading Silverware Manufacturers: Lunt, Towle, Oneida, Gorham
Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures, Richard Huber, Dover
Trees of North America, Golden Press
Victorian Foliage Designs, James K. Colling, Dover Publications, ISBN: 0486427420
1000 Designs and Ideas, D.W.Campana, Chicago, D.M.Campana Art Co. 1940 (out of print)
1500 Decorative Ornaments CD-ROM & Book, Dover, 1995, ISBN 0-486-99980-7
2000 Designs, Forms and Ornaments, Knickerbocker Publishing Company, New York (out of print)

Engraving Photographs & Images
American Engravers, C. Roger Bleile, Beinfeld Publishing, Inc., 1980, ISBN 0-917714-29-6
American Engravers of the 21st Century, C. Roger Bleile
Aplini: una leggenda, una fucile (Alpini: the legend, the shotgun), Mario Abbiatico, 1984, ISBN 88-85063-02-0
The Art of Gun Engraving, Claude Gaier and Pietro Sabatti, Knickerbocker Press
Best Guns, Michael McIntosh, 1989, ISBN 89-060723
Birmingham Gunmakers, Safari Press Inc. 1997, ISBN 1-57157-055-1
British Gun Engraving, Douglas Tate, ISBN 1-57157-1663
The Churchill -Eaton Colt .45, Hugh M. Eaton III, Eaton Run Press 2007
Cole Agee Texas Engraver, Jink Howard, Jink Nathaniel Howard, 2004, Library of Congress Number 200-090273
Colt Engraving Vol 1 & 2, R.L. Wilson
Custom Firearms Engraving, Tom Turpin
E.C. Prudhomme Master Gun Engraver, RW Norton Art Gallery, RW Norton Art Fondation, 1973, ISBN 0-060-01-1
Fine Colts, R.L. Wilson
Fine European Gunmakers, Marco e. Nobili, Safari Press Inc., ISBN 1-57157-134-5
Gravure Moderne de Saint-Etienne, Maurice Forissier, Atlantica Biarritz, 1998, ISBN 2-84127-148-X
Gun Engraving, Christopher Austin, Safari Press Inc. 1998, ISBN 1-57157-124-8
Il Grande Libro Della Incisioni, Marco E. Nobili
L.C. Smith-The Legend Lives, John Houchins
L.D. Nimschke, Firearms Engraver, R.L. Wilson
Lebeau-Courally, Marco E. Nobili
Le Incisioni Della Creative Art, Marco E. Nobili
Master French Gunsmith Designs, Intro by Stephen Grancsay, Winchester Press, New York (Rare)
Master French Gunsmiths' Designs of the XVII-XIX Centuries (1000 printed) pub. by Winchester Press (1970)
Master French Gunsmiths' Designs (749 copies printed) pub. by Greenberg (1950) with 16 plates
Modern Custom Guns, Tom Turpin, ISBN 0-87341-499-3
Modern Sporting Guns, The Sportsman Press, Dist. in the USA by Safari Press Inc., ISBN 0-948253-60-6
Parker Story, 2 Vols., Charles E. Price, William L. Mullins
Regarding Master French Gunsmith Designs, Stephen V. Grancsay, Winchester Press, New York
Steel Canvas, R.L. Wilson
Suhler Luxusgewehre (Deluxe Guns of Suhl), Peter Arfman, Peter-Arfman-Verlag, 2001, ISBN 3-9804573-9-7
Suhler Waffenkunst (Weapon Art of Suhl), Hans-Jurgen Fritze & Peter Arfman, Peter Arfman Verlag, 1998, ISBN 3-9804573-5-4
Waffen Gravuren, Ferlacher Meister
The Western Buckle, David R. Stoecklein
Winchester Engraving, R.L. Wilson

Wood Carving/Other
Antique Firearms Assembly/Dissassembly, Davis R. Chicoine, Gun Digest Books, 2005, ISBN 0-87349-767-8
The Art of Inlay Design & Technique for Fine Woodworking, Larry Robinson, Publishers Group West, ISBN 0-87930-595-9
The Complete Modern Blacksmith, Alexander G. Weygers, Ten Speed Press
How to Cut Drawings on Scratchboard, Merritt Cutler, Watson-Guptill Publications, NY, 1960, ISBN-0-8230-2350-8
Pearl Inlay An Instruction Manual For Inlaying Mother Of Pearl, James E. Patterson, Stewart-Macdonald, 1991
Woodcarving Step by Step (How to Sharpen Tools), Rick and Ellen Butz, Stackpole Books, 1997, ISBN 0-8117-2996-6
Wood Engraving How To Do It, Simon Brett, Primrose Hill Press, 2000, hardback ISBN 1 901648 24 9, paperback ISBN 1 901648 23 0

Cowboy Bit & Spur Making, Jeremiah Watt
Cowboy Engraving, Jeremiah Watt
Cowboy Silversmithing, Jeremiah Watt
Easy Computer Lettering for Engravers, Sam Alfano
Engraving Methods & Techniques, Don Glaser
Engraving with Lynton McKenzie, Lynton McKenzie
The Experts Guide to Graver Sharpening, Sam Alfano
An Introduction to Knife Engraving, Ray Cover

14 Dvd Set:
The Beginners Set: The foundation for hand engraving (3-disc set), Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 1: Engraving of Different Items, Layout Drawings for Monograms, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 2: Engraving, Carving, Piercing, Jewelry Items, Relief Carving, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 3: Engraving Crests and Coat of Arms, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 4: Ornamental Relief Engraving on Jewelry, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 5: Embossing Dies, Logos, Emblems, Crests and Seals, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 6: The Art of Fine PrintMaking, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 7: Combined Hand and Machine Engraving, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 8: Firearms Engraving, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 9: Signature Facsimiles, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 10: Glass Engraving, Heinar Tamme
Advanced Series 11: Relief Ring Carving and Engraving, Heinar Tamme

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John B.

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Nov 9, 2006
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Great idea Tira. Here are a few more.

under General Engraving Process.

The Basics of Firearms Engraving...... by Neil Hartliep...... from Brownell's. No ISBN#

How to Engrave....the NgraveR Ray J. Phillips.......from Ngraver Company. No ISBN#

under Engraving Photographs.

Custom Firearms Tom Turpin......from Tom, GRS or NgraveR. ISBN 0-87341-679-1

Modern Custom Tom Turpin.......from Tom, Krause Publications, maybe GRS? ISBN 0-87341-499-3

under Design Layouts

Advanced Drawing of Ron Smith........from FEGA, GRS or NgraveR. No ISBN#

Scroll Ornaments...... by F. Knight........from Dover Books, NgraveR, art and book stores. ISBN 0-486-23596-3

Best, John B.
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Yves Halliburton

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Engraving pictures and/or images

L.D. Nimschke - R.L. Wilson - out of print, but can be found on e-bay
Winchester Engraving - R.L. Wilson
Colt Engraving Vol 1 & 2 - R.L. Wilson
Fine Colts - R.L. Wilson

You can find many firearms and engraving books on R.L Wilsons web site


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Great idea, Tira. Thanks for starting this list!

Personal favorites:

Florid Victorian Ornament (Dover)
Pictorial Archive of Printer's Ornaments (Dover)

The International Cyclopedia of Monograms (out of print but worth hunting for)
Crocker Novelty Monogram System Standard of the World (GRS)

L.D. Nimschke, Firearms Engraver (R.L. Wilson)

John B.

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Los Angeles area, California.
Tira this is a good idea. I can never get enough reference books. It might be a good idea to add the ISBN#.
Thanks, Kerry

Great reminder Kerry, thanks.
I'll try to add the ISBN# to the ones I mentioned if they have one.
Having that number sure makes any type of search easier.

Best regards. John B.
Nov 10, 2006
Medford Massachusetts
Hi Tira,
Great idea!
Some of my favorites are:
Flourishing, a new approach to an ancient art, by Bill Hildebrandt. David R Godine publisher (
Design books
Ornamental pen designs and flourishes Dover 0-486-29388-2
Calligraphic ornaments (CD-ROM book) Dover 0-486-99939-4
Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy E.A. Lupfer Dover 0-486-21957-7
Thank you,


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Apr 8, 2007

The Art of Engraving: A Practical Treatise on The Engraver's Art, With Special reference to Letter and Monogram Engraving (Copyright free, download here)
Drawing and Engraving: A Brief Exposition of Technical Principles & Practice By Philip Gilbert Hamerton (download here)
The Wonders of Engraving By Georges Duplessis (download here)

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

Monograms and Lettering:
Lettering By Thomas Wood Stevens (download here)
Lettering in Ornament: An Enquiry Into the Decorative Use of Lettering, Past, Present, and Possible By Lewis Foreman Day (download here)
Letters & Lettering: A Treatise with 200 Examples By Frank Chouteau Brown (view here)

Please note that books that have download links can be downloaded legally, they're from google. They are from 1900's and their copyright has expired. If you're outside of US then you can use service to download them.

Take your time in, there are buried very interesting things.

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Under Drawing I've got a good one I'm currently reading:
"Great Book of Celtic Patterns" by Lora S. Irish, ISBN 978-1-56523-314-0
Origins & History of Celtic Art plus step by step instructions for creating twists, braids, and knotted lines.

Rick Eaton

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Nov 9, 2006
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For photos of great works:
IL Grande Libro Delle Incisioni by Marco E. Nobili
Creative Arts also has a good book.


Guess I should have read a little better, but these books will show you how far you can go.
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Nov 8, 2006
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There's also Ron Smith's first book. Drawing and Understanding Scrolls.
I think it might be out of print at the moment but I think GRS will be re-printing it soon. There may be other vendors that have some, I'm not sure.

Martin Strolz

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Book list

Let me add some more:

Douglas Tate
British Gun Engraving
ISBN 1-57157-1663
In my opinion the very best book on what the English do in engraving. Wonderful quality of printing and excellent photography by David Grant!

Safari Press Inc.
P.O. Box 3095
Long Beach
CA 90803 Some of their books are not sold in bookstores. Visit:

Marco E. Nobili
Fine European Gunmakers
Safari Press Inc.
First Edition 2002
ISBN 1-57157-134-5
A splendid compilation of fine guns in an excellent book. Look for a copy of the of the first 500 books. Those are very beautiful, limited, signed and sleeved luxury books.

Christopher Austin
Gun Engraving
Safari Press Inc. 1998
ISBN 1-57157-124-8
Interesting reading, gives us an idea of the unbelievable speed of their work and what prices are achieved nowadys for such work.

Modern Sporting Guns
The Sportsman Press, London
Distibuted in the USA by Safari Press Inc.
ISBN 0-948253-60-6

Birmingham Gunmakers
Safari Press Inc. 1997
ISBN 1-57157-055-1

Claude Gaier and Pietro Sabatti
The Art of Gun Engraving
Knickerbocker Press
From history to modern engravings in one very good book.

Introduction and Notes by Stephen V. Grancsay
Master French Gunsmith Designs
Winchester Press, New York
Could be found in second hand shops. Rare, sought after, well printed, a beauty and a pleasure to have!
If you find one, take it!!

Marco E. Nobili
Il Volo Srl, Via Bazzini, 14 – 20131 Milano
On gunmaking, but also covers the engravings of Alain Lovenberg and Philippe Grifnèe.

JJ Roberts

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Nov 10, 2006
Manassas, VA
The Parker STory 2 Volume Set
EC Prudhomme Engraving
L.C. Smith-The Legend Lives By John Houchins
Waffen Gravuren by Ferlacher Meister
The Art of Engraving Cloud Caier & Petro Sabatte

Keep up the good work everyone.

Yours truly,
JJ Roberts
School of Artisitic Engraving
Manassas, VA


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Feb 11, 2007
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a complete guide to heraldry: by a.c. fox-davies-- bonanza books
great historical treatise on the subject of heraldry. the book contains many great drawings for those looking for inspiration. this book is a very interesting read on the subject.
Nov 24, 2006
Owego, NY
Master French Gunsmiths' Designs

Regarding Master French Gunsmith Designs Winchester Press, New York by Stephen V. Grancsay -

Master French Gunsmiths' Designs (749 copies printed) published by Greenberg in MCML (1950) with 16 plates.

Master French Gunsmiths' Designs of the XVII-XIX Centuries (1000 copies printed) published by Winchester Press in MCMLXX (1970). Pages, 2008 (many more plates and Engravers than the above edition).


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Mar 16, 2007
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Books for Design & Layout:

Great Book of Tattoo Designs, Lora S. Irish, ISBN 978-1-56523-332-4

Classic Carving Patterns, Lora S. Irish, ISBN 1-56158-318-9

Graphic Ornaments, Pepin Press-Agile Rabbit Editions, ISBN 978-90-5768-016-8 -- with CDs -- free of charge images for your use.

Take a look at any of the Lora S. Irish books -- something to spark a design idea in any of them but I really like the two listed above and the Celtic designs book already on the list.



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Apr 10, 2007
Rockville, MD
The Styles of Ornament by Alexander Speltz,Dover Publications
Handbook of Ornament by Franz Sales Meyer, Dover Publications
Fantastic Ornament by Michel Lienard, Dover Publications
Baroque Ornament, Dover Publications
Gothic Ornament and Design by V. Statz and G. Ungewitter

A Practical Course in Jewelry Engraving by Albert A. Winter, Henry Paulson and Co. (Out of Print)

JJ Roberts

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Nov 10, 2006
Manassas, VA
Here are some books on anatomy I suggest:

An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists-W. Ellenberger
Art Anatomy of Animals by Ernest Thompson Seton
Animal Drawing and Painting by Walter J. Wilwerding

Also if you live near a museum of natural history or a zoo take your drawing pad and pencils there or get friendly with a taxidermist. If you are going to engrave sporting arms..animal and bird anatomy are very important. More to come on this subject.

Yours truly,
JJ Roberts
Manassas, VA

Martin Strolz

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Dec 12, 2006
Steyr, Austria
The Churchill -Eaton Colt .45
by Hugh M. Eaton III
Eaton Run Press 2007
With an introduction by R. L. Wilson and text by Charles Fergus,
all engraving and photography by Winston G. Churchill.

This book is a statement of Winston G. Churchill`s carreer and life and tells the story of a most sublime Deluxe Colt .45 SAA . A gorgous and very impressive book in limited edition, a classic already.