GRS Acrobat Microscope Stand ---or--- Ebay Chinese knockoff????????


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Apr 14, 2019
That's a challenge when trying to get as much bang:$ when getting set-up. When I was setting up shop for making knives my peers had a progression of gear working the way up to the Burr King, Wilton or Bader grinders. All pretty big $ that a couple hundred at that level wasn't significant. OTOH the capability for the belts to track smoothly was a big point not seen in lesser machines. Same for the drill presses was their ability to drill a perpendicular hole that didn't have excessive chuck runout.

Ergonomics are a big factor so having a stable platform with the range of adjustability required is well worth to not have neck pain or eye strain issues. Sometimes one doesn't realize any potential problems till using them though. Following what is popular has a reason so that becomes a matterr of timing when quality gear comes up for sale.

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