Announcement: Diffused LED ring light - New release.


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Jan 9, 2008
Cordoba - Argentina
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Hi all!

The old thread about this illuminator has more than 14,000 views! Awesome!
I think that this shows how concerned are you all engravers about the quality of the light needed for so detailed kind of work and I want to THANK YOU all for your interest in my development.

I finished the modifications for this release which were to move the push button from the power supply box to the front of the lamp and also to make the power supply box just a little smaller and in plastic instead of aluminum. I change the box because I was not able to find one made in aluminum here in Argentina. Anyway, it is a good quality box made in ABS. The wire that links the ring light with the power supply is fixed now, it is also more flexible and has a length of two meters. With this new length you will be able to arrange it better in your microscope arm/support and put the power supply in a place that do not bother you all the time.

Some time ago a person told me "what is different about this ring light that makes it worth ~3x the price of an XXXX ring light?"
Well, I must tell you that I am not trying to compete with any other brand. I just made my best effort to produce a ring light that solve all the problem that the others may have.
My illuminator has and unique optical design that diffuse the light evenly without producing any bright spot. It is constructed entirely in aluminum and only the best materials and components are used.
I really would have liked to be able to produce this ring light cheaper to make it available to a wider range of budgets but, unfortunately, high technology, high quality materials and specialized workmanship are expensive.
If I find a way in a future to obtain the same or even better performance at a lower price I will release a new model and will let you know about it but, by now I was not able to do so.

I am attaching some pictures of the current model.
Please let me know by PM if you are interested in buying one because I am assembling this units just on demand.

All the very best to you all!



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