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    Bench jeweler setup question

    Well it depends on your budget I guess. A few things that come to mind are; a good torch, ring roller, gravers, burs and drills, pliers, optivisor and a sturdy bench and good light. A GRS benchmate is a good investment but not necessary.h When you start you will know what tools are needed to...
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    transfer on stainless

    Try to warm the item with a hair drier then apply your transfer.
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    the Hand Engraving Podcast, Episode 3 Weldon Lister: a Family Tradition. Is on the air!

    Good podcast, enjoy listening. I think John B should be on a short list for guests of the podcasts.
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    A60 Adjustments

    I really don’t know the what the problem is that you’re having. I was having a similar problem a few years back. I had to get cataract surgery and that solved my problem. Maybe ask someone else if they are seeing the same view you are seeing through the scope.
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    Resurface ceramic lap?

    I don't have any problem cleaning them I use a cleanser. It would need ground and polished.
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    Resurface ceramic lap?

    Is there a service out there that would resurface ceramic laps. I have one that got scared. I also have an iron lap that would be nice to have refinished also. The ceramic laps are so expensive it sure would be nice to get them resurfaced instead of buying another. Just curious.
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    Laser Printer drawing transfers

    Try warming the item with a hairdryer or heat gun then try to transfer. When I used laser transfers it seemed I had to warm the surface of the metal, especially sterling so the transfer would take.
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    Engraved guitar for Gibson custom shop

    This is a guitar I engraved for Gibsons custom shop in Nashville
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    A discussion with Sam Alfano

    A very nice interview with Sam via Rio Grande podcasts...
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    Depression/ cracks in ingot

    I agree with silvermon. This type of mold will be more efficient for what you are trying to accomplish. You are doing it right oil, heat and pour. Open ingot molds are much harder to control temperatures. You will usually always get that shrinkage in the middle with an open ingot mold.
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    How do I remove some scratches (OOPS) from polished pewter Julep Cups?

    This company makes some good ultra fine polishes. Merard Luxor®
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    Pendant kit by Sam

    Looks like another great leaning tool from the Alfano learning center. Plus great little items to sell.
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    Cracking on 18K red gold wire while rolling.

    Brian’s right rose gold will harden up a little faster than say yellow gold. I don’t go past the 50% volume when rolling or drawing before annealing. You definitely don’t want to use rose gold casting grain for rolling or drawing. Unless the company states it can be used for casting or rolling...
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    They would probably say ouch JJ. Nice collection.
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    SCI 50th Anniversary Rifle

    Looks like you don't need the cigarette. Although I do like the cigarette idea. It sure would be unique :) Nice work Mike.

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